God Bless Lowell Balk

The Forum gave its Prairie Roses distinction to the late Lowell Balk, the semi-truck driver who was injured and subsequently died after getting out of his truck to help others involved in the December 30th pile-up on I-94.  Lowell died a week ago today.

I don’t have such noble distinctions to bestow as prairie roses, but I offer what I think is the most powerful statement I can coming from my little spot in the world in regard to Lowell Balk and his selfless actions that resulted in his ultimate death – my humble request that God Bless Lowell Balk and watch over his family and friends as they struggle to move forward without him.  Surely there is a special place in heaven for those who lose their own lives while trying to assist others.  Especially those who step beyond their own time on earth by donating their organs to others so desperately in need.  In all senses, Lowell’s last acts were about helping others…again, I say – God Bless Lowell Balk.


Lowell L. Balk
April 25, 1960 – January 4, 2011

I know this is not how Lowell’s family and friends could have imagined bringing in the new year.  Lowell’s funeral service was the day before he would have celebrated his 18th anniversary with his wife Julie.  I cannot imagine how difficult this is for her, but I hope she (and others who loved and will miss Lowell) know that there are many regular folks like me watching from a distance recognizing what Lowell gave to others and saying God Bless Lowell Balk.

Day five hundred and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C