Turtleneck Season

Well, here we are again in turtleneck season.  Yes that’s right, the season when we all become turtle-like as we extend our necks out at intersections without traffic lights to try and see beyond the big snow piles on the corners (which are particularly problematic for those in cars…yet another reason why I need one of those giant snow plows as my next car).

Truly, I feel like a turtle poking my head out beyond the comfort of my shell to ascertain if it is safe to venture out into intersections.  I am comforted by the fact that I am not alone.  Every day when I go back and forth to Cheyenne’s school I run across other turtlenecks like me…all of us trying to make sure that we are proceeding with the appropriate level of caution.  While I would prefer to avoid turtleneck season, I am happy that I am at least not alone in my approach.  Thankfully, turtleneck season ends eventually…but until then, thank you to all the turtle-necks out there for taking due care…from one turtleneck to another – I appreciate it. 😉

Day five hundred and fifty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

2 Responses

  1. Equally as problematic is the traffic jam on the exit ramps! No one wants to bump into the car in front so they leave lots of space, which means we can’t fit as many cars on the ramp. So then cars are lined up on the edges of the highway waiting to get onto the ramp. And that’s where the roads are slippery. OMG, scoot up, folks! Once you’re stopped, you can snuggle up to the car in front of you!

  2. Lyz

    I read somewhere that if you can see the ground under the car in front of you, it’s very unlikely that you could be pushed into them from a vehicle hitting YOU.

    I agree, highlight – scoot up! So glad I don’t have to take the 8th St. exit to Moorhead in the morning!

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