And Still I Dream…

Seven years ago The Forum asked readers to send in  their own version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream”speech.  The Forum then published a collection of these submissions on Martin Luther King Jr. day.  My submission was one of the published ones. Every year when this day roles around I am reminded of that submission and every year I try and dig it out from the deep, dark annals of my computer’s memory to see if it still rings true for me.

On year seven I can say it does indeed still ring true – even if I did write it at the tender age of 44 (which by the way Forum you graciously published with my submission right next to my photo – my age…I am sure it didn’t bother the 9 year old whose entry you published as much that you listed her age as it did me – but hey…I am not bitter!).  😉

So on this day I share with you the dream I still dream and I hope that next year when I come upon this day and am reminded of the things my dreams are made of that they will be much closer to being realities.

I have a dream that people will no longer be valued based on the amount of money they have or political power they wield, but on their deeds.

I have a dream that before we spend billions assisting those outside our borders, we will address the plagues within our own country, such as drugs, crime, disease and poverty.

I have a dream that children’s health, education and well-being will become this country’s number one priority.

I have a dream that the elderly of our society will be afforded the respect and support they deserve so that aging is an honor to be coveted instead of a burden to be dreaded.

I have a dream that the value of service to community will be instilled in every man, woman and child.

I have a dream that war will become a term relegated to history books.

I have a dream that the individual citizen will recognize that it is within their power to change the world.

I have a dream that as human beings we will finally understand that we are more alike than we are different.

Day five hundred and sixty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Thanks for the insight, Ms. C. Every one of us has a dream. I dream to have a peaceful and a happy life. I also dream that people will start to pursue healthy life and start to care for each other. Maybe that will create a wonderful world to live at.

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