Where Is That Darn Fairy Godmother When You Need Her?

Some days I wish I was a Disney princess that could sing her way through life with all her feathered and furry friends.  Of course a very handsome prince would come with that package and some fabulous shoes.  Alas, Disney-type princesses aren’t real and even if they were I would struggle with the notion that life is only made right when the prince comes into the picture.

This morning though I fancied myself to be in a Disney-like frame as I sat at my temporary computer station and watched one of the resident bunnies frolic with the birds (for clarity, my temporary computer station is the corner of the kitchen table by the big front kitchen window due to the extended state of disrepair in my frigid lower level).  It was fairy tale like in the simplicity of the joy I got out of it…it was pure and uncomplicated and frankly, much needed.

I was crabby yesterday after my new BFF painter friend, Karen, pointed out to me that now frost was forming on my interior walls downstairs. Obviously there is another issue that will require attention in the lower level that will likely further extend the disruption of our household.

This next week (Wednesday) marks the 17th week since I started dealing with the lower level damage which is still, in a best case scenario, a couple of weeks out from construction completion (who knows when I will have the time to bring it fully back to functional living status).   The discovery of the frosty patch about four feet up on a wall that was being painted yesterday just about put me over the edge.  This development will undoubtedly require the taking of a few steps back in the process and frankly folks I am fatigued by the whole thing.

Every room in my two other levels (with the exception of the bathroom)  has become a series of temporary storage locations for things that could not go out into the outside pod for one reason or another.  Of course the pod is a nicety that only arrived a few weeks ago and on some level improved the situation by clearing out some of the stuff piled here, there and everywhere (and I am completely blocking any questions I may have about the pod’s ability to protect my items as it sits out there in the driveway unheated in sub-zero temperatures – I just cannot worry about that too).

When I went to bed last night I was about as tired of the whole affair as I could possibly be, but this morning I was greeted by frolicking  creatures and for a moment I did indeed feel like a Disney princess and that was a much needed reminder of the importance of finding joy where you can.  Of course I do kinda’ wish I really was a Disney princess as then I would have a Fairy Godmother who could do magical things with the wave of a wand…certainly if she could turn a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage she could turn my lower level back into an actual livable space.

Yep…where is that darn Fairy Godmother when you need her?  It’s not like I want a prince or anything big – just some restored order to my life.  I guess I am left to find my own magic to make it through the day.  And let’s face it folks – even given all the disruption of the last handful of months and my workspace reduction to a corner of the kitchen table – I am so very blessed and beyond my momentary pity parties I totally get that.   And truth be told, sometimes it takes such a reminder (some level of life disruption) to remind us that all things being relative we are so fortunate- fortunate to have a home and family and feathered and furry friends who frolic.

So all things considered, I can report from my little corner of the kitchen table that life is good. 😉

Day five hundred and sixty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Seeing rabbits frolic make you think of being an animated Disney princesses? When I see the rabbits, I turn into another animated character: Elmer Fudd! OOOOH, I hate those wascally wabbits! Of course, Grand Forks rabbits would have already chewed a hole in your pod and helped themselves to everything vaguely edible being stored inside!

  2. I am kind of waiting for the Shoemaker’s Elves to show up and do all my day to day housedkeeping but the little turds have not shown up either just like your Fairy Godmother!!!

  3. if it makes you feel better we actually took some corn screenings home today, a 5 gallon bucket of them to feed the kritters around here. Jake and I seen a rabbit out eating the grass that we took the snow off a few days ago and Jake suggested that we bring some screenings home……so we did….some for the pheasants as well…

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