I’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Part of my morning ritual is skimming The Forum online (a.ka. InForum).  I deem it important to know if the world has fallen apart since I last checked and discovering that it has not typically sets a good tone for the day.  This morning as I glanced at the home page I saw on the weather summary area that the current temperature was 31 degrees.  I had to rub my eyes and question whether I was hallucinating.  Surely this was an error on someone’s part.  I had heard it was going to warm up, but from sub-zero to 31 degrees – come on!

I checked the calendar…it isn’t April Fools Day is it?  Nope…we are still in January.  I turned on my weather radio to hear the temperature report for Hector Airport as the weather radio is the final word around here for accuracy in temperatures… and lo and behold the temperature was confirmed, 31 degrees.  31 degrees!  Balmy by weather standards of the past couple of weeks.

I was so excited that I did a little happy dance – 31 degrees – what will I do with such a lovely day?  Perhaps I could go out and work in the yard, take a walk, rearrange the garage – something – anything where I can soak in the warmth.

Then I realized…wow, I have come a long way from my California frame of mind.  There was a time when 50 degrees was cold and 40 was downright frigid in my estimation, but then I moved here to North Dakota and my conception of cold changed dramatically.  And these days (13 years in and after a couple of weeks of weather that has been too cold for anyone’s comfort), 31 degrees does sorta’ feel like I won the lottery…well, at least the weather lottery.

A happy dance for a January temperature of 31 degrees – who would have believed that I would ever hit this frame of mind?  Not me – I have come a long way from the California girl I was (literally and figuratively).  So there you have it – the source of joy and gyration in the new forty in North Dakota is a 31 degree day in deep January.  Perhaps the point is not that I have come a long way, but should instead be a query as to whether I have completely gone over the edge to be so excited about temperatures that have elevated to the 30s.  I wish I could stick around and examine that with you, but it’s 31 outside in January and I have no intention of wasting the day discussing the level of my sanity – let’s just say I’ve gone mad and call it good. 😉

Day five hundred and sixty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    I grew up even further north. We could ride snowmobiles at 25 in a jean jacket and jeans once it got back up to 25 degrees from minus 45 for a week or two.

  2. The “Little happy dance” you described sounds suspiciously like a “warmgasm:” That euphoric feeling that completely overpowers a person when their brain unfreezes! Your response was likely made more intensive due to your recent hypnotic episode involving “Fifi’s” lingerie!

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