Here I Am To Save The Day!!

Okay, so I am still in the process of pulling back together the lower level from its many scattered locations around the house.  Tonight I re-situated all the emergency management books that were sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets.  I needed to keep those accessible and on top of the kitchen cabinets was about the only place left after all the shifting and stacking.  But tonight I decided that I would take the time to make that one piece of my world whole.

I have been putting away the boxed up books (a.k.a. the non- emergency management books) since the weekend and over the course of the week it has occurred to me that I have a lot of books.  There are stacks of books that I am at some stage of reading throughout the house – books about health, books about spirituality, humorous books, books about fixing or making things, books about autism, self-help books, inspirational books…and of course books on emergency management.  In addition to the stacks there are shelves of books all over and a never-ending new stream of books that arrive weekly.

Years ago someone gave me a journal that has a picture on the front of a woman amongst stacks of books that sports the title “Book Woman.”  I kind of like that moniker.  Book Woman almost sounds like a superhero of sorts. Indeed, with all these comic superheroes being featured in major studio films I have to wonder – how long will it be until Book Woman is featured on the big screen?

I can see it now, a woman who has the power of solutions based on her voluminous knowledge obtained from reading – she can unravel any puzzle, address any conundrum, save the world with the sole power of her brain’s retention of what she has read.  How cool would that be…nothing super-human, just a regular woman who loves books and uses what she gleans from them in a superhero way? I like it…it sends a really powerful message – the potential we all have to be superheros in our own right.

Obviously Book Woman will need a costume (this is, after all, a big budget Hollywood film that wants to receive an Academy Award for costume design).  I am thinking one of those large tapestry book bags that she can wear across her body (so she can run with it on should she need to), some large frame glasses that make her look ultra-studious (but that can be removed for the romantic scenes – hey, all films need some romantic subplot), a series of very eclectic new-age hippie outfits that are neither figure flattering nor a detraction – the types of clothes you’d find in kitschy Santa Cruz, California shops (clothes that say I have my own style and I am comfortable in it) and leather mule shoes.

As for casting – well of course it would have to be Sandra Bullock playing the role – I mean really – who could be more ideal?  As for her leading man – the guy who works at the bookstore that she visits every Friday that has come to really like her from afar – I think that guy needs to be played by George Clooney (and yes, he can play a quiet bookstore worker – he is a serious actor – he could pull it off).  Oh yeah – that would be a movie alright.

Alas, I am no Sandra Bullock and there are no regular Friday bookstore visits  in my life…I don’t have the tapestry bag or the eclectic new-age hippie outfits…the glasses I do have are more librarian-esque than worthy of Book Woman stature…and I am a high heel girl not a mule lover.  Tsk, tsk – I surmise all I will ever be is a regular person with a lot of books who may have to forgo the romantic subplot because she buys so many of her books online; but, when the movie hits the big screen I will sit in the dark theater with all the other regular people with a lot of books and imagine that it is me saving the day and George Clooney kissing and loving me up in the process.

For now it is back to the mundane realities of a regular person life, but always in the back of my mind there remains the notion that a Book Woman can be a superhero and somewhere out there a George Clooney is waiting in the wings to sweep her off her feet…with her book in hand of course. 😉

Day five hundred and eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    I bet you have read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. If you haven’t you should give it a try. $10 at Amazon on Kindle.

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