Oh, Yeah…I Am Bitter.

I had hoped to share with you today a few photos from my trip, but I cannot as Delta seems to have misplaced my bag (with my camera, makeup, hair supplies and clothes in it).  Further, no official lost bag claim was created by the agent when I talked to her at the airport and Hector does not allow Delta agents to give out the Fargo contact number any longer.  So now I not only don’t have any luggage I have to go back to the airport right now to fill out a bag claim or I won’t be able to get the luggage delivered to my home even if it does show up.  After I go to the airport I will have to go to Walmart to purchase new makeup and beauty supplies seeing as that is kinda’ sorta’ part of my daily routine.  All of this at the tender hour of 10 PM with my 11 year old in tow.

Let me declare it here and now for the world – Delta is now a disparaging swear word around here.  If you happen to have the protected phone number of Delta in Fargo you may want to let them know that I will most definitely be using their name in vain.  Oh yeah, and tell them after delays in four of my six flights with them in the past week and now misplaced luggage I am indeed bitter.

Day five hundred and ninety-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Michelle

    Delta lost my luggage a couple years ago. I had to go to the airport at least 3 times to talk to people and had to call I’m guessing 100 times…not kidding you…100 times over months and send in my info twice before I got a check.

    I think they were thinking I would give up, and they wouldn’t have to pay me.

  2. Lucy

    You truly have the worst luggage luck. I hope you get it all back! Although, you could channel Karyn and try the new “rainbow” eyeshadow look 🙂 I am sure Walmart could support the rainbow of fruit flavors selection process….

  3. I sense you are having difficulty finding the beauty in Delta’s imperfection? Is your endeavor to see “Wabi Sabi” in all parts of your life being tested just a little? Needing to go out late at night to pick up essentials tends to do that to a person; good luck getting everything back!

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