My Favorite Lion…Lion Lyle Swor.

I was going to give an after action report of my recent trip to Maryland today and update you on the status of my luggage, but when I opened my NDSU email today I received news that preempted all of that.  I received the terribly sad news that my favorite Lion, Lion Lyle Swor, passed away.  I have to say that reading this news literally sucked the air out of the room – what a tremendous loss this is to the heart of this community…to the heart of the Lions.

Lion Lyle served as a never-ending source of joy, light and merriment to the Lions.  He always had a song in his heart, kind words on his lips and a smile on his face.  He was the ever-jubilant song leader and cheerleader at weekly Lions meetings.  He was a man who loved his wife, family, friends, neighbors and the Lions.

Lion Lyle always made a special effort to make me feel included in the Fargo Lions – he was very kind and good to me and every time I saw him at a Lion’s meeting it brought a smile to my face. When Lion Lyle was talking to you, you knew that he was 100% invested in the conversation and genuinely cared about what you were saying.  He was truly an angel among men and a Lion’s Lion to the core of his being.

May God Bless You Lion Lyle.  I know that you will be leading the Lion’s Roar in heaven with the same level of vigor and commitment with which you led the Fargo Lions all these years.  I will miss your joyous spirit tremendously, but know that there will never be a day when I raise my voice in song that I don’t think of you and the heart with which you lived your life. You will live on here on earth in the hearts of many and particularly in the heart of this one Lion.

Day five hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Rest in Peace Lyle. The world needs more people like you, I see Ms C was an apt pupil and will spread the principals you held.

  2. Beth DeMars

    THank you for such heartfelt words. Lyle was my dear uncle and he was a great man. I certainly wish I had more time with him.

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