Origami Girl

I have always loved origami.  I can’t say that I have ever been good at it though.  I love those books that tell you how to make all kinds of lovely things out of little scraps of paper.  I always wanted to master making the origami crane – one of the easier origami feats – but I have yet to do so.

The graceful origami crane is what you might consider the origami poster child…when you see one you think origami.  But let me tell you folks – if you had seen me the other day you would know that origami has a new poster child – me.

Yes, sir…by virtue of one inconsiderate person I became origami girl.  What do I mean by origami girl?  Well, let me tell you.  It all starts with the photo below.

This is what I found in the parking lot the other day as I was ready to leave work.  When I first saw how close the truck was parked to my car, I proclaimed loudly with my lip in a rather pronounced snarl – “SERIOUSLY?!”  Then I looked around the parking lot to see who was pranking me…this had to be a joke…I thought…really – who does this?

Alas, there were no giggling college students nearby, no one enjoying my shock and dismay – just me and the darn big truck parked within inches of my car door.  I put all my items in my arms on the passenger seat and considered my options.  I thought that perhaps I could attempt to climb over the passenger seat and the shift knob, but I was concerned that any wrong movement might result in a shift knob incident that would be difficult to explain (but that would no doubt make a great party story).  I also thought I could just call the university police and have the inconsiderate party’s vehicle towed, but that would have taken a long time and I needed to pick up Cheyenne.  Finally I concluded I would have to make an attempt to get into the car from the driver’s side.  I opened the car door as far as I could – sucked in my breath – scooted sideways along the outside of the car (toward the door) with my fanny facing the car interior – swung one leg backwards up and around the seat base – did a number of contortionist moves that looked like something in-between someone who was a limbo champion and someone who was double-jointed – it was, no doubt, a sight to behold.  I looked like an origami crane minus the grace and the crisp folds.  I felt like my body which would normally be the equivalent of the uneventful scrap of paper was remade into a fine-tuned work of art as if it were origami – all as a byproduct of this one inconsiderate driver.

So, while I may never be able to make an origami crane, I have mastered my inner origami skills; and, in the process I got a bit bent out of shape…but I now know something that I did not know before – some of my parts bend in ways that I never realized…and I may have strained my shoulder in the final downward twist and turn.  Who knew parking was so filled with excitement?

Day five hundred and ninety-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Ken Chihanski

    Not being able to see the parking lot, I assume it’s marked for each individual parking space, I would be able to tell who’s really in the wrong and it would give more credibility to your complaint if he is. Who’s to say that YOUR vehicle was too close to the “yellow line”, if there is one, and not the truck driver? That would mean you’re at fault and not the “inconsiderate truck driver” making this whole article moot. Who knows, climbing in from the passenger seat may have been fun, and , yes; a good party story.
    P.S. I have a book on oragami also and enjoy it.

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