A State Of Ignorance…

I must confess that I had been actively engaging in a state of ignorance over the past handful of months.  I knew it was probably not right, but I did it anyway – perhaps because facing the reality head-on was too much at the time or perhaps because I am obstinate.  Regardless of the reason for it, my state of ignorance is coming to an end (albeit, not by my choice).

My state of ignorance is related to the repeated advisements, encouragements, requests and now – orders – to move to NDSU’s new mail system – Outlook.  For months I looked at the emails as an option that I simply chose not to partake of and went about my business with nary another thought.  Over time the emails became more direct and it became increasingly clear that my state of ignorance would at some future date be shattered with reality whether I was ready or not.

Alas, the end of my state of ignorance is near.  The bulk of the campus has already moved over to the new system like good citizens months ago.  Repeatedly over the past couple of months I have been asked by colleagues whether I have switched to Outlook yet.  Over time, the emails from the powers that be – the powers that control my email life at NDSU – became more and more frequent and it came to a point where my department chair had to directly solicit me to set a date for the change (and I took from that conversation that he was talking about changing over to Outlook…although, I might better embrace the “change of life” at this point than the email change).

I love my squirrel mail.  It is cute and kitschy – and yeah, I know it is remedial – but it gets the job done.  I feel it suits me.  It puts forth as part of its identity that it is webmail for nuts and features that cute little squirrel…what’s not to love?

Ah, but they tell me squirrel mail is going away whether I like it or not.  When pressured to conform, I reluctantly picked an Outlook switch over date about six weeks ago (the second to last possible day) and then immediately began blocking the whole thing from my mind.  The good news was that by picking a date to “move over to Outlook” (a.k.a. squirrel mail termination – let’s just tell it like it is),  the emails inviting, encouraging, urging, begging, etc. me to move over to the new system stopped.   As I indicated above, for many months I received nice invitations to “migrate” to Outlook.  During these months I heard stories from colleagues here and there who had switched over already but I felt no pressure to jump on-board.  After awhile the emails became more aggressive – the invitations became decidedly pointed.  About eight weeks ago I got an email that’s  subject read in no uncertain terms, “Time to move to NDSU Outlook.”

I actually opened that email with great somberness and read it, but  the body of the email still seemed to suggest I had time so I lingered still.  Unfortunately there is no room in this system change for non-compliance.  A couple of weeks after I set my appointment to change over to Outlook the following message appeared on my squirrel mail email page.

SquirrelMail is going away.

Please move your e-mail
to NDSU Live NOW,
rather than wait until you are
required to move in a few weeks.

See the instructions at:

Link to NDSU IMAP/SquirrelMail

Friends, I am saddened to report that my squirrel mail account will be no more as of February 28th.  That is the date when all my email stuff will be moved over to NDSU Live (aka Outlook).  But know this to a moral certainty – you can take the squirrel out of my webmail but the nut using it will still remain.  The only thing that has really been forever affected when it is all said and done is my state of ignorance…which was – as folks have been known to say – bliss.

Day six hundred of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C