The Floor Show Is In The Planning Stages…

I arrived in Emmitsburg with the big blue bag and my wits in tow today (and with no yellow clown car – thank you very much).  As my friend Ruth Ann would say, “It’s a good day.”

I once again had a four airport day – Fargo, Minneapolis, Detroit and Harrisburg.  It has been awhile since I have been to the Detroit airport so I was happy that I had about an hour to linger.  Of course my first stop whenever I am in the Detroit airport is at the Motown store.  They play Motown hits non-stop in the Motown store and even though I have yet to find anything I can’t live without in the Motown store I spend an awful lot of time looking at the things I can live without and gettin’ my groove on (I purposefully linger).  They do have a new shirt design that says Super Freak.  I paused for a moment and thought about how delighted Cheyenne would be if I bought her that shirt (both Cheyenne and her older sister Sarah love that song by Rick James).  I quickly realized that a shirt that says Super Freak is not what I want my 11 year old wearing (singing it is bad enough) and in another moment I dismissed buying it for myself despite the angst it would cause the older children who regularly threaten to put me in a home. 

I think I need to work at a place like the Motown store where you can sing and dance to great music all day long.  Does that even qualify as work? 

I think music makes work seem less like work.  At home housecleaning time is synonomous with iPod blaring time.  Somehow the time goes more quickly and the effort seems minimized.  There is a teacher at NDSU who plays music everyday in his classroom before class begins.  My class is upstairs and as I am leaving, he and his students are settling in…and rocking out.  Every single day I pass that classroom I want to go in and start dancing in front of the room – kind of like Ellen does on her talk show…just dance up and down the aisle at my whim.  Of course that won’t work as that would be disruptive and inappropriate. 

At the Motown store though I can sing and dance as a customer and if I worked there – well then folks – there would be a floor show every hour on the hour.  Today I kept the gyrations to a minimum and my vocals subdued, but the music did uplift my mood and put a smile on my face.  So I danced out without purchasing anything, but I left the store remembering how much I love the Motown classics…and I made a mental note…put working at the Motown store for a week or two on the bucket list and start planning the floor show. 😉

Day six hundred and three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Must keep reminding myself that no one else is hearing what I am dancing to while listening to MP3 player. Singing along does NOT help.

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