Proof Positive

Barbara Johnson shared with me today something she saw at a store that made her think of me.  It said, “Cinderella is proof that shoes make the woman.”

Exactly.  Cinderella is proof positive of a key premise that women have asserted for years – the intrinsic value of shoes.  The right shoes absolutely “make the woman.”  And let’s face it, as a multi-faceted woman I need a number of shoes styles and colors to meet my needs.

For years I have been teased about traveling with too many shoes by my EMI friends and colleagues.  The teasing began in 2007 when one of my high ed pals, Bill Waugh, graciously agreed to cart my luggage up three flights of stairs.  At the time he queried what I had in my luggage that was so heavy and I replied, “Shoes.”  On that particular trip I was going to be at EMI for about ten days after which I was off to visit my friend Tam in Virginia Beach.  Two plus weeks of outfits requires two plus weeks of shoes that match the outfits.   Two plus weeks of shoes that match the outfits are necessary to “make the woman.”  Alas, while they made me, they were darn near the ruin of Bill.  Much grunting, sweating and a bit of commentary on packing prudently went on as my luggage was manuevered up the stairs.  There was mention of a hernia at one point on the second floor…but I never followed up later to see if any documented injuries occured.

Bill Waugh is here on this trip.  I am going to go to the pub right now and let him know that there is now celebrity based evidence about the importance of the proper shoe selection’s role in making the woman…and then I am going to buy him a pitcher of beer because while shoes may make the woman, chivalrous men who carry the suitcase of shoes save the day. 😉

Day six hundred and four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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