Am I Brilliant Or Am I A Simpleton?

Some days the issues and questions folks seek solutions to and ponder the answers for seem so elementary to me that it causes me to question whether I am brilliant or a simpleton.  I would like to assume it is brilliance when the answer to the matter at hand seems so clear to me, but it does occur to me at times that I may be too dense to even understand the content and depth of the question.  I would however like to know which one it is…am I brilliant or am I a simpleton?

Case in point, an email from Women’s Health today that stated in the subject line, “Banish ‘bra fat’ with one easy move!”  Of course I knew the move without even opening the email – unhook your bra silly – and there you have it – no more bra fat.  Brilliance right?  I opened the email just to confirm my brilliance (which is what I believe truly brilliant people do – trust in their intelligence, but verify nonetheless) and I discovered that I wasn’t as brilliant as I believed.

The email was about yoga – a.k.a. exercise…so the one easy move according to Women’s Health is not unhooking the bra, but instead a move designed to get rid of back fat (which for non-bra wearers is the reason for “bra fat” to begin with).  I think they could have said back fat to be more clear, but that is really neither here nor there as it relates to my query.

So I am back to the question of whether I am brilliant or a simpleton?  Ultimately, I think my solution was infinitely easier than what Women’s Health proposed (which, by the way,  you had to buy a book to learn about anyway – I am still not clear on exactly what that one move is they propose).  Let’s face it, all women know how to unhook a bra in a manner of seconds (indeed, many men can do it even quicker than that)…is that not the fastest, easiest way to banish “bra fat”?  So I am still brilliant right???

Yeah…and it goes to follow that I am bra-less as well…not sure how much brilliance there is in that. 😉

Day six hundred and eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Ah, sweet dreams of comfort — the eternal question, though — how to get rid of extra tissue everywhere?

  2. VeeEss

    the first paragraph describes exactly how i feel too. am i a simpleton? at work, we will have lengthy team meetings that i hate attending to because while they all discuss the problems, i sit there thinking “what is the point of having this meeting?” The problem is so simple. They all articulate their ideas and debate over the issues while i sit there thinking “we really have to discuss that for an hour in a conference room?!” I always think everything is just so simple, even the problems of politics and corruption. Do you also feel the same towards other non bra fat related issues?

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