Snow Daze

The snow in my yard has been very close to the top of my fence line for months now.  The snow is so high that you can literally step over the fence into my neighbors’ yards on all three sides.  My dogs, Cooper and Chompers, view this as an invitation to make new friends in the neighborhood.  This is not too big an issue with Chompers as he is pretty good about coming when called.  Cooper is another story entirely.

Cooper views his escape from the confines of the yard as a personal victory.  When called he does one of two things – he either smiles at the person calling him and runs in the other direction or he views it as an opportunity to play tag (you chase him while he continually evades you with glee when you get within three feet of him).  Cooper’s behavior gets really old, really fast.

Since Cooper cannot refrain from using his snow bridges to escape into the neighbors’ yards he has to go out in the backyard on a retractable leash now.  When it is really cold out or early in the AM when we are not yet dressed we hook the retractable leash handle over the sliding glass door handle so that Cooper can go out, but we don’t have to.  That was working fairly well until the other morning when Cooper saw a bunny across the yard and used every ounce of adrenalin he could muster to charge in that direction.  Yes indeed…there went Cooper and there went the door handle…he snapped it right off the door.  It was quite an amazing accomplishment.

Now on any given morning whether its brutally cold or not you will be able to see a fairly unhappy person in a daze on the other end of the leash praying that the never ending snow melts enough so that Cooper can go back to successful containment within his own yard.  Oh yes, my life is crazy sexy…spread the word.  😉

Day six hundred and eleven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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