Settling On Juxtaposition…

Okay then…let’s talk “juxtaposition.” Did I just cause you to flash back to School House Rock’s Conjunction Junction? That is what I think whenever I see the word “juxtaposition” all written out.  I want it to rhyme with something and be part of a catchy jingle that I will remember decades later.  I loved School House Rock – it was so ahead of its time.  Ah, shucks…there I go dating myself again…I went all the way back to my days in school – criminey – that is WAY back (I can barely remember my kids’ names on the first try, but I remember this stuff – really universe?).

Back to the point – the word “juxtaposition.”

Juxtaposition is a big word – five syllables…two high scoring Scrabble consonants…easily worth a quarter.  Alas, while it may seem daunting, it merely means to compare two things side-by-side for the purposes of noticing their similarities or differences…but you have to admit it sounds snootily intelligent.  I like the word and the activity.  I often juxtapose things to illustrate their differences.

Here are some examples to illustrate how simple juxtaposition is in practice:






Juxtaposition is on my mind today because in my email box is an email from Travel Orlando urging me to book online now to visit sunny Florida.  Lay that side-by-side with In-Forum’s current weather update – “FORECAST: Up to 17 inches of new snow possible Tuesday in Fargo-Moorhead, travel alert issued for N.D.”

Many other words come to mind when I read these two different things within minutes of each other, but today I’ll settle on the big word – “juxtaposition” – as opposed to stringing together a bunch of four letter words that make me sound like a sailor and that would serve to heavily denigrate Mother Nature’s character.

A final juxtaposition for your consideration: seriously?/SERIOUSLY??!!

Day six hundred and twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C