Wax On…wax Off ;-)

Yes, yes, yes…I admit it…I am a Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) fan.  There is something about that show that draws me back in again and again whether I know or care about the celebrities on the show or not.

I was really going to try and hold out this year – to break the DWTS habit.  The only celebs featured on this season that I recognized are Sugar Ray Leonard, Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid – the original one) and the larger than life Kirstie Alley.  They happen to be, coincidentally,  the oldest folks on the show as well (Ray is 54, Ralph is 49 and Kirstie is 60) – which probably says something about why I know them and likewise says a whole lot about my age.

Darn it though,  I saw a preview snippet and realized that Ralph Macchio was as pretty as ever and Kirstie was partnered with Max (the resident DWTS smoldering hunk) and I couldn’t help myself.  So, yes – I watched the whole show from beginning to end.  Truly a guilty pleasure like a giant hot fudge sundae with a bucket load of whipped cream and a big fat juicy cherry on top.  Not that all the celebs were  fabulous dancers, but the front end packages they show before the celebs dance did do a great job of humanizing them all.  I must confess though that I was really primarily watching to see Ralph Macchio dance.  I had a bit of a crush on Ralph Macchio back in the day after having seen the The Karate Kid and frankly he looks pretty much the same 30 years later – it is freaky.

Well Ralph was sooooo worth the wait – he was smooth and charming and funny and ADORABLE.   I realized straight away that the crush remains – oh yes, Daniel-san – wax on…wax off. 😉

By the time Ralph was on I was already far enough in that I figured I might as well watch the rest of the pairings dance.   I did sort of want to see how the Max/Kirstie pairing was going to play out and it was clear that they were going to hold her performance out as the final dance of the night.  So I waited and I watched – I think I was actually holding my breath a bit before Kirstie and Max started.  I conceived that the pairing could either go horribly wrong or be surprisingly humorous; but, in reality it was more touching than anything else.  Max was sweeter than normal and Kirstie – well, Kirstie, despite all her angst – really delivered on the dance floor.  Who knew?

Ralph and Kirstie came in at the top and second spot respectively on the leaderboard.  Two of the oldest folks on the show came out on top with the judges – how fabulous is that? I bet folks assumed that they were the underdogs in this competition because they were older – but they refused to be counted out.  Right on Ralph and Kirstie for representin’ the over 40 crowd with style and grace…seeing as you started off the season with a bang I guess I’ll just have to keep watching.

And yes, you guessed correctly – Ralph Macchio is the cherry on top of my DWTS empty calorie, very fattening, but devilishly delicious DWTS sundae. 😉

Day six hundred and twenty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kim Watson

    I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Thank goodness!

    I never watch DWTS, but caught Ralph completely by accident… I’m hooked for the season for him. I also did not realize he is 49… I could have sworn he was younger than me! (Looks it, but that’s another matter.)

    Go Ralph and Kirstie! Go Sugar! Go me!

  2. Katherine

    I’ve never watched the show before. I wanted to see Kirstie Alley and I wanted her to do well and be classy. It was great! I am, however, going to try to not be hooked!

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