39 More Years…

InForum had a link to a lifespan calculator today (from Northwestern Mutual) and I felt compelled to check it out.  I am curious some days as to whether I will make it through the new forty.  But having utilized the lifespan calculator, I will now worry less about making it through the new forty and worry more about how I will spend the next 39 years.    That’s right, the lifespan calculator estimated that I would live to the ripe old age of 90 (a.k.a. – the new eighty).

Well, this changes things.  I’ll need more than a bucket list…I’ll need a bucket book.  I may need another husband or two (or three)  as well.   39 years is a fairly long time and I may lose some of mental capacity over those years, so it makes sense that I would marry again (and again and again).  Perhaps the loss of my mental capacity will be the key to finally getting marriage right – who knows.

Of course the lifespan calculator is not the end-all of actuaries.  It just queries generally some of the big things that can take you out of the game pre-social security collection.  It isn’t like I had a psychic reading and she “saw” my funeral at age 90…if that was the case I would “know” that it was true.  No…this was just a simple little calculator that estimated – by virtue of some family history and my smart risk choices – that I have a good shot (barring all the million other things in the world that could happen to me) of living to age 90.

39 more years of raising hell…wow…there is a lot more story to write in this life of mine and a really good bucket book to not only write, but to start guiding my whimsy.  And never fear, I was joking about all the extra husbands…but maybe…just maybe…one more would be okay – after I have greatly diminished mental capacity of course. 😉

Day six hundred and thirty of the new forty- obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Obviously the lifespan calculator doesn’t take into account your numerous trips to Emergency Management conventions each year! Who knows, you may already be living on borrowed time if you factor those in!

  2. Stan

    I am over 50 and ride motorcycle and play with dangerous toys. Then again I could step in front of a bus tomorrow.

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