The Best April Fool’s Joke Ever!

Today is my youngest child’s birthday.  Today Cheyenne is officially 12 (although she has by her account been “almost 12” for a good six months).

Yes, I know it is April Fool’s Day.   What better day to deliver a baby a few months before you turn 40?  The universe seemed to delight in its sense of humor.  But the joke was on the universe as having my fourth and final child on the cusp of 40 was probably one of the smartest choices I ever made.  Having a child around forces you to live in a more magical place and to value different things – does that ever get old?  When Cheyenne was born her oldest sibling (sister Sarah) was just a couple months shy of 18.  One of the most surreal moments in my life was sitting at Sarah’s high school graduation with an infant on my lap.

It is difficult to believe that a whole 12 years have passed.  Gone are the days of the chubby-faced shy toddler…gone are the days when she had a thousand questions that she believed I was capable of answering…gone are the days when she would rather spend time with me than doing anything else.

If I sound melancholy that is because I am – somewhat.  I miss those days – not the diapers or the thousand questions or the exhaustion of keeping up with a little one – I miss the level at which I was needed.  These days I am more of an afterthought it seems (okay, that may be a tad melodramatic).  The good news is, Cheyenne is growing up and she is becoming more fierce with each passing day.  I like that…it gives me comfort.  Whatsmore, one of her best friends is her sister Sarah who is a great role model.

So I’ll put my melancholy aside and celebrate the steady progression of life wherein children grow up and parents evolve right along with them.  Perhaps in my case I’ll devolve instead of evolving (there is evidence to suggest that is the direction I am headed).  Whatever the process is, I thank the universe for the best April Fool’s joke ever – Cheyenne Jean…I haven’t stop laughing yet. 😉

Day six hundred and thirty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C