Make It Disappear…

Yesterday I heard in passing a commercial for Excedrin that asked the viewing audience, “What’s Your Headache?”  They didn’t mean for you to just  keep it to yourself.  This is a contest and they want you to participate (see the page on Facebook here).  They promise, if you win they will make you headache disappear. Disappear…hmmm.

Can you hear my maniacal laugh from where you are?  Can you see the wicked curl in my lip as a dangerous smirk develops?  Can you sense the depth of my diabolical thoughts?  Oh yes…Excedrin will make the winner’s headache disappear.

Disappear…hee hee hee…if you win the headache will disappear, I imagine in a poof of smoke…I can see it now.  The very thought of it makes be almost giddy at the prospect.

Oh wait…what is this?  There is a money prize of $150,000.  What the heck??!!  Yeah, I am not sure that money will make my headache go away…I wanted the poof of smoke…the magical disappearing act.

What was my headache you ask?  Well, I think I’ll just have to keep that to my myself at this juncture.  Now if the poof of smoke is ever put back on the table Excedrin – we’ll talk about my headache. 😉

Day six hundred and thirty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C