The Signs Of Spring…

It occurs to me that the shift from winter to spring is similar to childbirth.  Winter is the labor – too long and too painful.  Spring is the birth – the joy, the hope and the possibilities.

Here we are with only a handful of days over forty degrees and the days of sub-zero are already starting to erode from my memory bank – not unlike the way the memory of the pain of labor erodes after the birth.  Today I saw some of the tell-tale signs of spring – kids playing basketball, people out walking, my neighbors sitting outside visiting.  When I went to the store I saw other signs – drivers with windows down and sunroofs open, motorcycles and one of my favorite harbingers of spring (aside from daffodils and robins) – attractive male runners who run shirtless.  Yum, yum, triple yum.

Ah yes, spring is finally here in earnest and I am feeling happier by the minute.  Signs of life are starting to emerge – just like a new baby full of promise.  Give me a few more weeks of attractive shirtless runners and I won’t even remember winter…let’s hope I remember to watch the road. 😉

Day six hundred and forty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Our crocuses are blooming and the tulips and daffodils are pushing through. It’s wonderful!
    And, we have lots of runners.

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