“What The Hell Bobby!!”

When someone says or does something stupid, crazy or nonsensical my nephew Nick has been known to say, “What the hell Bobby!!”  If you are a King of the Hill fan you likely recognize this as a Hank Hill comment.  Of course, Nick delivers it in that Hank Hill slow country drawl speak that makes everyone laugh when they hear it.  I don’t watch King of the Hill, but I have become acquainted with the phrase from Nick and now I find myself uttering it on occasion when someone says or does something that I deem stupid, crazy or nonsensical.

I have been saying it fairly frequently lately – every time I hear more news about the federal budget impasse…”What the hell Bobby!!”

Let me be clear on this – we are the land of the free, the home of the brave, the birthplace of democracy and we presently have  government representatives who can’t even get their act together long enough to pull together a budget – this is madness! I am about as sick of this partisan fighting as I have ever been.  If our elected officials cannot pull together and agree on a budget then how are we to trust them with the safety and security of our country?  All of you out there who presently think your elected officials are doing a bang up job raise your hand – so I can come slap some sense into you!  How has this gotten so far out of hand?  Who is driving the bus here?  My confidence in my government leaders is evaporating like water on the pavement on a hot Chicago day.

Stand up people and tell your elected officials – each and every one – “What the hell Bobby!!”  Tell them to get together and come up with a solution toot-sweet or be prepared to be replaced by folks who have their wits about them.  There are tens of thousands of folks who work for the government (the government of the United States of America – the leader of the free world), that do not know if they will be working come Monday.  I have friends who work for the federal government – more than one of which was told to monitor the news to see if they would be working Monday.  Wow.  Do you all realize what level of impact an interruption in federal government services will have on this country?  I hope the United States doesn’t need to have any financial credibility on the world stage because right now I’d say we look pretty darn stupid as a country.

Seriously folks…say it with me, “What the hell Bobby!!”

Day six hundred and forty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. prairiewoman

    I love it!

    Here’s something to think about: In the average American household the woman now handles the finances. In today’s American Congress the majority seat holders are men. Answers a lot of questions about this budget crisis doesn’t it?

  2. Stan

    I have been living alone now for 6 years, I learned how to manage my finances…..if you don’t have any money you can’t buy it, even if you WANT it.

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