The Revenge Of The Sump Pump…

I clearly have some bad sump pump karma.  I have had two sump pump failures in less than seven months (and yes a new sump pump was installed between sump pump failure one and sump pump failure two).  The first time it was a total deconstruction downstairs – walls, carpet, flooring, baseboards, doors, vanity, toilet – uggh!  This time we may be able to keep the vanity and the flooring – otherwise it is pretty much a sequel…Sump Pump Failure II – The Revenge of the Sump Pump.

I don’t really want to live this movie again.  My stamina is waning and I can’t even utter the words “sump pump” without hissing a bit.  Tonight my computer is going back up to that little corner of the kitchen table for an indeterminate period of time and with it will go a good chunk of my patience.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be in a better mood, but for now the score is Sump Pump-2, Carol-0 – and I am being a really poor sport.

Day six hundred and fifty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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    1. nick

      do yourself a favor and go to home depot and buy yorself a ridgid brand sump pump. make sure its the stainless steel and cast iron one. they have a lifetime warranty on them. we used to have to replace ours every year, these have lasted five so far.

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