Prima Facie Evidence

If you are over 40 you have probably received one of those emails that starts with – “You know you are getting older when…” – and you likely could identify with most of it.  I feel your pain.  I remember turntables and phones with dials.  I watched the Carol Burnett show and I know who the Lennon Sisters are.  I had a orange crushed velvet pantsuit with bell-bottoms and a vest…oh yes, I know I am getting older.

Alas, the truest evidence of my aging isn’t evident in any of the above factoids or from the lines that have started to appear on my face or the wisdom I have come to acquire over the years…oh no, the truest evidence of my aging comes today. Today, I am going to share with you something that is prima facie evidence of my aging…today I am going to tell you about my newest favorite thing – calcium chews.

Yes…that is correct…calcium chews.  I know…case closed…I am getting older.  Now that I have gotten that acknowledgment out of the way, let’s move on to my mission – to extol the values of my new favorite thing – Adora Calcium Chews.

I tried calcium chews for the first time many years ago and while they were okay they weren’t anything I looked forward to experiencing.  Recently, I have been assessing my vitamin and mineral needs more intensely to better accommodate my needs in the new forty.  I decided it was time to integrate a calcium supplement.  So I searched my options on and I ran across the Adora chocolate calcium chews (they come in dark and milk chocolate).  The reviews said they were genuinely tasty – indeed, so good that folks wanted to eat more than one.  Well, I had to know for myself whether this assessment was accurate.  I could understand how the chews could be bearable, but so good that you would want to eat more than one – come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.

So I purchased a bag of the milk chocolate chews and when they arrived a couple of days later I became a convert.  It’s true…you do want to eat more than one.  These aren’t the first generation calcium chews that you endured for your health.  These are the chocolate chews that you can justify because they are for your health.  Brilliance I tell you!  Brilliance!!!

So yes, the things that excite me may have changed over the years.  You know you’re getting older when you can write about anything and you choose to write about calcium chews.  In my defense though, they are really good calcium chews…wish I could have another.  😉

Day six hundred and fifty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. The new generation chews must be good! Mom purchased a lot of calcium chews 30+ years ago, and even with five kids in the house, she was the only one who would eat them. They were that bad!

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