Spring Preening…

I think the seasonal ritual of spring preening is upon us.  If you are not familiar with this ritual you need only look around the community as you go about your days.  All around folks are dusting off the winter doldrums, breaking out their shorts and sleeveless tops, prettying up their feet and starting to get their tan on…oh yes, the Fargo-Moorhead area is finally preening.  Thank goodness!  Not a moment too soon in my estimation.

It is time for a little skin…its time to get back to looking like people enjoying life instead of rugged pioneers bundled up trying to survive it.  It is time to move full force into spring with a fully-focused gaze on summer.  Hallelujah…it is time.

May is my prime preening month.  The cities may host a clean-up week, but after a long North Dakota winter I allow myself an entire month.  May is the month that I prepare myself mentally and physically for the frolics of summer.  May is when I preen supreme…the month when I focus a great deal of my energy on getting my summer glam on.

As such, May is the season opener for prime pedicure season and  May is the time when I become reacquainted with old friends – such as my anklets, toe rings and my really cute sandals.  May is when my summer dresses start moving from the back corner of my closet toward the prime closet space.  In May it seems logical to have my hair clipped up so I can feel the breeze dance across my neck.  In May the sunroof on my car starts to be open more often than not.  In May I start to ease into the lazy happiness that comes along with summer.

Yes sir, it is preening season once again and my hair is clipped up and my sandals are cute…all is right with the world. 😉

Day six hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C