31 Days Of Writing…

I write every day here on my blog, but it is more stream of consciousness than thoughtful, calculated writing (which you have undoubtedly picked up on if you are a regular reader).  I don’t spend tons of time worrying about perfection – I freely overuse dashes – see how free I am – and when I feel like pausing at any given time I just pop in an ellipsis…and then I resume on my original path or head off in another direction…whatever suits me.  That is why I love my blog.  I choose the content and level at which I communicate.

In my blog I can have attitude or deliver a completely subjective perspective without apology.  I can talk about any subject as long as I want and I can use pictures (they are worth a thousand words you know).  That is why I love, love, love my blog – I can write like I speak and if I want to say something is “ghetto” – well, I just say it (well, I actually type it, but you get the point).

My radio pal, Bruce Kelly, often asks me how I can write every day and this is how – I get to define all the parameters and write about whatever I want.  What is not to love?  I think all people could write every day under these parameters.

Now, the writing I do on my blog is completely opposite of what is required of me in my professional persona.  That persona must be clear, concise and conform with all kinds of writing rules and expectations.  That writing takes a lot longer and it rarely comes as a stream of consciousness (indeed, it is more likely to be a stream of unconsciousness).

Alas, another thing that inevitably comes along with my spring preening in May is 31 days of mad, crazy, professional writing.  Most other months I can skate by with maybe seven or eight days, but never in May.  You see, in June I have the FEMA Higher Education Conference where I present on a number of items each year – a couple of which are attached to substantial research projects which I never quite complete until the eleventh hour (despite my annual fervent promises to myself that I will be better the next year – I continue to be a complete and total disappointment to myself on that front – I would slap me silly if it wouldn’t hurt so much).

So May is upon me and that means 31 days of writing furiously in my confined academic way are ahead of me.  I am already sitting more upright in my chair just thinking about it – ah, the joys of being a  responsible and productive citizen…uggh.  So don’t be surprised if my blog is more outlandish and filled with more dashes – – – and ellipses…than normal.  Don’t be shocked if it seems like I am bouncing more vigorously off the walls of my padded room over the next 31 days.   You, dear readers, will be the primary outlet for my inner madness as I will have far less opportunity to vent it other places while I am sitting upright and writing furiously in my professional persona in May.

There is no need to alert authorities or my offspring that I have lost my mind…that I have flipped my lid…that my picnic basket is short a few sandwiches…that my train doesn’t go all the way to the end of the track…well, you get the picture…no need to send flares to summon help.  I’ll be back to my typical only moderately crazy self again in June. 😉

Day six hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. You do it all very well. No need to apologize. Thanks for the head’s-up just in case we all may wonder what’s wrong with you. 🙂

  2. Stan

    This could actually be fun. Don’t worry about us. I have a friend who calls and all I have to do is make the appropriate sounds and she just keeps talking her thought…..to herself. She doesn’t want or need coherent answers from me, it is an exercise if organizing her thoughts. Last call was yesterday form Upper Alaska.

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