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I remember when Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz was on the Wheaties box with all his gold medals…he was the consummate champion and he was on the Wheaties box with his beautiful face and body – yeah, with all his medals as well (as if that was the focal point). Of course, Spitz being on Wheaties made sense as Wheaties is known as “The Breakfast of Champions!” Wheaties did a good job branding themselves with that tag-line over the years.  They did this by always having that tag line reinforced by placing high profile athletes on the box (often highly attractive athletes – I am still a fan Mark – call me).  😉

I am not a high profile athlete, but I am fairly outspoken person who likes to share her support of things she values.  I think I can help create an enduring tag-line.  I think I have utility as a product endorser.  I already know the product I want to endorse and I have an idea of how to do it.  I think I could even launch it off of the Wheaties tag-line to better bolster the buzz (why not maximize the Spitz factor)?

Here is what I am thinking:

Wheaties may be the breakfast of champions; but, Hot Tamales are the late night snack of determined faculty members grading endless stacks of student work.

I can see it now – images of faculty from all over the world grading feverishly while devouring Hot Tamales.  What do Hot Tamales offer me that would cause me to throw the full weight of my endorsement power behind them? And yes, I am going to breeze right by the cracks about the weight the endorsement may inadvertently put on me – I am aware of the implications – move on past reason people and go with me on this.

So – why Hot Tamales?  Well, for starters they are a straight-line sugar fix.  Add to that the fact that they require chewing and have that hot cinnamon taste – it keeps me active and awake while trying to stay focused on grading.  Honestly, they are the equivalent of Gatorade for athletes…Gatorade replenishes electrolytes…Hot Tamales replenish alertness after the hundreth their/there correction.  Oh yes, Hot Tamales are the late night snack of determined faculty members grading endless stacks of student work.

Just wait – my photo is going to be on the box – you’ll see.  Alas,  the photo shoot will have to wait until all my papers are graded…right now it is back to work and back to my Hot Tamales…their/there it will be over soon.

Day six hundred and seventy-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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