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If the fashion world wants to wax nostalgic and continuously revisit trends from the past (some of which should have died a quick death before they pained so many) – why haven’t they gotten around to bringing Ditto jeans back into the mainstream?  I do believe that Ditto jeans played a key role in the resurgence of men in the seventies saying, “I’m a butt man.”  With their saddleback design there were no better jeans for girls with junk in the trunk (and that was before they called it “junk in the trunk” – in those days it was just “booty” – plain and simple). I was particularly fond of the Ditto hiphuggers – they came in a whole array of pastel colors and I had darn near every color.  We had a store in California back in my high school days called Miller’s Outpost where I would buy my Ditto jeans.  They were the only jeans other than Levi 501 button fly worth wearing in my book in high school.  In later years I moved on to Bongo jeans which also flattered girls with fannies, but I never forgot my Ditto jeans – what I wouldn’t give now to have those back.

I was known for my Ditto jeans alright…and I dare say there may be a boy or two from the high school days who still carries the mental image of me in my pastel hip hugger jeans (ah yes, glory days). If you take a good look at the saddleback deign in this photo you can see why it flatters the fanny – the saddleback design creates a frame of sorts that says, “LOOK AT ME!” And boys sure did look at girls in Ditto jeans…and drooled and heaven’s knows what else…they had a power all their own.  I am fairly confident that Ditto jeans were behind a baby boom.  And no,  I have no firm data that Ditto jeans prompted an abnormal number of pregnancies; but look at the fannies in the photo – it’s a given that they prompted some sexual thoughts.  And you know what they say about the girl who took seriously what was poked at her in fun (sorry, I couldn’t help but whip that one out – an old classic from the late seventies – I’ll say a dozen Hail Marys later).

So hear my plea fashion industry – revisit this one trend and you’ll make the world a much happier and healthier place.  Be sure to bring back the pastels too…I may not be able to revisit my glory days, but I am pretty sure I could still rock some baby blue Ditto jeans. 😉

Day six hundred and eighty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Christina Santos-Coy

    I want so much for the dittos to come back. I have looked everywhere for them and no body has them. I too like the butt action they gave my tush and made my legs look longer (i am short). I asked a lot of my friends about their memories of ditto and they tell me that they had a pair in every color. I ask if anyone had a pair in their hope chest and everyone I talk to said no! That they wore their dittos till they fell apart, but would like them to come back too. So if anyone out there comes across a pair of old school dittos please let me know I would like to see them.

  2. Sharon

    I am searching for a pair of vintage Dittos to wear to an upcoming Earth, Wind and Fire concert…I so agree with Ms. C in that there are still men out there who remember me for my Dittos and Dolphin shorts;)) Oh to dig up that burnt orange satin pair I bought at Millers Outpost:))

  3. Linda

    I loved my Dittos!!! The only pant I ever found that fit my body and made it look great!!! Loved them and want to find them again!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. every beautiful young woman in my HS wore them. Sano calif had a store that sold the most in all of the USA. such memories. looking to buy a poster of the saddle seat jeans . anybody have one ?? love it for nostalgia. 🙂

  5. I loved these in the 70s as well, and am currently patterning some to make in my shop because I can’t find any to purchase! I’m making them akin to riding breeches (so the leg won’t be flared- at least on the versions that are going to tuck into boots) because my new custom motor patrol boots just arrived today (wooot!), and I think this is a bangin’ pants look that should go well with those and be a sort of hybrid between motorcycle/ equestrian/ punk. Yes, planning on some zippers and other fun details, too with slightly darker booty in analogous color, sort of like a full seat English riding breech. Happy Christmas to me! If anyone’s into it, I’ll get some pics going as soon as I put out a few fires for the holiday deadlines and will probably start right after xmas. Thanks for your article- it totally reified for me that these ARE the pants for bootyliciousness, and if we can’t find them then we’ll just need to bring this design current again by making some!

    1. Lula

      I would love to see any “re-designed” Dittos that you make. Are you going to be selling them in your shop (is your shop online)? In high school I had a rust/brown pair of saddle back style and a pair of black Dittos with the “chevron” style booty stitching. I remember wrapping those bell bottoms around my calves so I could pull my knee high boots up over them. I think an equestrian style leg would be a great idea. It is a mystery why no company has revived this line. Somebody call Gwen Stefani!


    I would like to purchase the old school ditto jeans for my wife please tell me where I can go to purchase them thnx

  7. Ramona Chester

    Like you, I had the Ditto’s in an array of colors and LOVED THEM. I have been asking the same question for years now and thought if I could start a fashion industry, I would totally re-make Ditto’s. I was surprised nobody did start them back up, especially a few years back when high waisted flares hit the fashion scene. I suppose it is just a matter of time and look how great we looked – pre photoshop!!!!! That should be a strong selling point right there! Miller’s Outpost – that takes me back too! Plus I agree with your Dittos or Levis, everything else was dorky!

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