Don’t Mess With North Dakota!

There are some things that I just love about North Dakota.  North Dakotans tend to have a no nonsense approach to life. There isn’t a lot of hemming and hawing or pissing and moaning – if something needs to be done they tend to just do it.  Case in point, the West Fargo folks who tackled an alleged car thief after he hit a pole in the car he was in and set off to run away (see the story on InForum here).  While he did take fligt he was eventually tackled and detained by three men that lived in the neighborhood where he hit the pole.

I have to say, “DARN STRAIGHT!”  I love that!  We do not  tolerate no stinkin’ criminals…not here in North Dakota.  We are not passive observers who don’t want to get involved.  If you want to break the public trust by committing a crime then expect that the public might just feel obliged to make sure you don’t get away with it.

Now, before you warn me that my position presents a slippery slope that could result in rampant vigilantism, I will state clearly that I am not supporting vigilantism.  I am merely reporting and applauding the identity of North Dakota – an identity that is a do something identity.  They say, “Don’t mess with Texas!”  Really?  Texas ain’t got nothin’ on us (I am speaking in Texas vernacular for effect – if I had a ten gallon hat I would put that on as well – perhaps I need a cute cowboy to round out the total Texas effect). Texas cannot compete for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that it is filled with Texans.  The magic of North Dakota is her people.  Texas can never be as big a bad ass as we are because our bad assedness – and yes, I created that word right now for my own selfish purposes – is not about might or fire power it is about character.  Texas can’t touch that.

So if you are thinking of commiting a crime in North Dakota – think twice.  And remember, we have a wood chipper and we know how to use it. 😉

Day six hundred and eighty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kevin

    This is your opinion, and yet North Dakota still has individuals who willingly break the law and find some way through some miracle slip through the system. It’s happened so many times now that I no longer believe in the Justice system in ND anymore. There was an article of a semi fire almost two years ago that had the traces of a meth lab and a week ago that person got off with no conviction. The same person is a deadbeat dad, (the only child support paid was the bail money used to get him out of jail time and time again)and uninvolved with his daughter’s life even though he likes to think he is. I’m the one she calls dad.

    So my question is when is ND government going to pull their heads out of their asses and call for stiffer punishment for individuals who repeatedly break the law and get away with it?

  2. Stan

    Love it! And I really appreciate your love for the state. I was born a stones throw (almost literally) from the Red River in Moorhead so I consider myself a Minndakotan or a Northdasotan depending on which side of the river I am currently one but I love both our states and would have a hard time living any where south of here.

  3. Stan

    Kevin, I believe that could be contributed to the Scandinavian notion that criminals can be rehabilitated. I have only been working with prisoners in jails for a year but while they complain about conditions in the jail many are not happy but satisfied to let someone else tell them what to do all day so they do not have to make decisions. Those are what we know as catch and release. Until something grabs them by the short hairs and gives them a shake they will keep going in and out. Our hope is that doing His work in the jails we will catch their attention.

  4. Rob Danielson

    I do agree with the fact that North Dakotan citizens are more apt to deal with criminals than those passive-aggressive Minnesotans. As far as being more bad ass than Texans, I hardly agree with that. Texas was it’s own country at one time. 1845 was the year. This is also a state that will end your life fast if you murder someone. As far as the citizens, hell WE ALL carry weapons and are protected by the “Castle Doctrine”. Ask anyone from New Orleans, and they will tell you the same thing. I live in West Fargo and the citizens are way more helpful, than those across the river receiving welfare. However, when it comes to Texas, even an invading force would get their asses handed to them.

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