On My Bucket List…

Today I attended an anniversary celebration for Alan and Linda Fricker.  They renewed the vows they took 25 years ago.  I am such a fan of that kind of love and commitment.  I know some folks find that to be quite a shock coming from me – the serial monogamist.   But I believe in the potential of happily ever after – clearly, I keep pursing it…again and again and again.

I like seeing the realization of the promise in the passage of decades.  25 years is a very long time and having not reached that achievement (even collectively over all my marriages) I am in absolute awe of folks who accomplish it.  It is interesting because I understand intellectually what it takes, but cannot really comprehend the true grit involved in remaining with the same person for all those years.  I want to though…I want to be like Alan and Linda and be married to the same person for 25 years so I can renew my vows 25 years later and be ready for 25 more years.

You may recall that the life span calculator I did awhile back said I was going to live until I am 90.  That means I still have 39 years left on the planet – and as such, I could – theoretically – still have a 25 year wedding anniversary.  So pish posh past failures – I still have time to make this a reality.  Today, I officially put a 25 year anniversary on my bucket list.  Before I leave this earth I am going to marry a man who I can love and cherish (and who can likewise love and cherish me) for 25 years.

I am a goal-oriented person.  I accomplish what I set out to accomplish.  I am going to have that 25 year wedding anniversary darn it!  I can do this!

Now, all I need is the man who I will be loving and cherishing for 25 years – damn, that is going to have to be some man.  Thank goodness I have a few years of padding in my 39 years left on the planet – as long as I find this charming, debonair, funny and incredibly patient man within the next ten years I should be good.

Of course, if you do all that math it is a possibility that by the time I am married 25 years I may not even be able to remember my husband’s name any longer – heck I may not remember my own name by then.  But one thing I know for sure is that I will be able to look at my husband on the 25th anniversary of our wedding and know with every fiber of my being that I love whats-his-name and I’d do it all again. 😉

Day six hundred and eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. kevin

    I certainly hope it works out for you, near as I can tell for myself I just have to get old enough where my give a dam is busted. a lil over a month ago, I was at a 50 year wedding renewal, I was even there when he asked her to do the 50 year. Nothing more sweet then that. I admire both of these people extremely. It was at the curtze-watson mansion in Erie Pa, not only was the second wedding very nice omg that mansion, and the host, knew all about the history of the mansion. I could have spent days there. My parents have also been married for over 50 years, two of their children are still married on one, but the other two, not so good, second marriage of my sister, who now is a widow and I have had one previous. Those second marriages are sure nice.

  2. Serial monogamist, I like it! Don’t forget, however, that married people live longer, so you may have even a few more years than you thought to accomplish this item.

  3. My advice for finding a good guy? Look among your guy friends. There’s nothing better than marrying your best friend. Looks, money, sexual sizzle can all fade or go away, but if it’s your best friend, you want to keep him around for a long time. HighGuy and I will celebrate 33 years this August.

  4. connie

    I enjoyed reading this particular entry because I was a bridesmaid in Linda & Al’s wedding and was unable to attend their 25th year celebration. Please give them both a hug from me.

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