Let me say at the outset – I am as big a fan of the Oprah Show as most other gals (and the occasional guy).  I was a fan of the Donahue Show too.  I was also a fan of Dark Shadows, Laugh-In, Mash, All in the Family, The Twilight Zone and the Carol Burnett Show.  Alas, television shows end and we move on to other television shows (at least the semi-healthy amongst us do).

Had I never moved on from the Donahue Show and Dark Shadows I would have never found Oprah’s show.  Now Oprah is leaving her current show to do other things and we will have to move on.  But Oprah isn’t really going away – she is just going to her OWN network which will feature Oprah-esque programming 24/7.  Oprah’s network has been heavily promoted on her show this final season.  The faithful have no doubt already become as devoted to the network as they were to her show.

I don’t quibble with their devotion as I too am a long time fan; but, I have to say I am a tad irritated that there is a story on InForum today that is titled – Locals Face Life Without OprahO-brother!!  Aside from the O-verhype that has surrounded the show for the past year, now we are going to entertain a discussion about what life without her will be like?  Allow me to channel John Stossel for a moment, “Gimme a break!”

I guess this whole Oprah thing wouldn’t bother me quite as much if it wasn’t on the web page on the same day as reports of the two most recent communities to face disaster  – Minneapolis, Minnesota and Joplin, Missouri.  There are major tragedies going on in the world and more specifically right here in the United States – indeed, right here in our community that are far more important news than Oprah’s television show ending.

Plus, could they have picked a less appropriate title for that little piece?  Facing life without Oprah?  Even on a good day it sounds like life without parole, but on a day like today I am reminded of folks who will now face life without loved ones, pets, and family mementos lost in the most recent tornadoes.

Life will not be without Oprah for the faithful – she didn’t die and she isn’t leaving the spotlight to live in seclusion somewhere.  There will still be plenty Oprah to go around.  She had a great show for 25 years and she did a lot of good work, but she is an entertainer and that was her job (and a damn good paying job at that).  I don’t worry about Oprah’s survival – I know she has enough money and power to get through most things.

The folks I do worry about are the folks who are struggling because they just dealt with a major event or disaster in their life – be it a natural disaster such as a flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane; an economic disaster such as the loss of a job, home or retirement fund; or, the loss of a loved one.  We need to keep perspective here.

So yes Oprah, many will miss being able to see your show daily, but they will move on.  And you’ll pardon me if I don’t spend too much time saying goodbye to you as my thoughts and prayers are necessarily focused on those who really need them right now (plus, you really aren’t going anywhere girlfriend – it is like saying good night after celebrating at a party – we’ll see you soon).  As I have been known to say herein Oprah (as you likely know as I am sure you read my blog every day and never fear I have no intention of moving on to other projects anytime soon so you won’t have to live without me)  – obla di obla da – life goes on.

Day six hundred and eighty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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