Infrastructure That Is Critical…

As a West Fargo resident I was glad to hear that the school bond passed.   I will pay more in taxes tis’ true, but I recognize that a key factor in ensuring a community’s well-being is maintaining it’s critical infrastructure.  Roads, sewers, law enforcement, etc. are all well and fine, but that is not what makes a community – it is the people.  There must be an investment and maintenance costs committed to keeping that piece strong.  That comes through supporting the school system and other people-centric infrastructure that sit at the heart of the community.

I will confess that when I moved to West Fargo I thought the stickers on cars that said Packer Backer had to do with support for a local union of packers, not for West Fargo High School.  Over time though I have had an opportunity to work with the school district on a few projects and I have come to understand why folks are happily Packer Backers – it is a strong district in a community of great heart.

Cheyenne attends the STEM Center – by far the best educational experience my family has ever experienced (and remember Cheyenne has three siblings who went before her to other school districts). The second best experience was at Westside Elementary (also a West Fargo School District school).  My family’s experience in the West Fargo School District has always been one where Cheyenne’s success has been the primary focus.  The people are pleasant, seem to enjoy their jobs and are fabulous role models for the kids. They have imbued and reinforced in Cheyenne a rich desire to learn.

By my experience I can tell you that West Fargo School District has the right people and they do an awful lot with what they have, but the district has become increasingly pinched for space.  It was time to move forward with increasing facility capacities.  Today we know that will happen based on the successful passage of the bond referendum.

West Fargo-ites understand how important it is to maintain the community’s critical infrastructure.  I am happy that they showed their support for people-centric infrastructure by voting yes overwhelmingly.  It cements what I have come to know about West Fargo – we are all happy to be Packer Backers. 😉

Day six hundred and eighty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. ANY time a school district passes a bond levy, that’s a huge success — on the part of the district’s people, leaders and the school itself. Congratulations to the West Fargo district!

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