Don’t Pull A Tiger’s Tail…

I don’t take well to bullying.  I think most folks who meet me recognize that I am not a fan of conflict – I like to get along with people whenever possible. I enjoy the warm, fuzzy side of life.  I usually don’t come back at people in an aggressive way unless they are aggressively attacking someone else – that behavior triggers the advocate in me.  But when it is me relating to another person I tend to be nice to a fault until pushed a hair too far.

I am dealing with a bully presently – someone who thinks they can intimidate me with threats.  At first I was taken aback by this person’s behavior, but increasingly I just got irritated.  The jerk didn’t stop…he just kept pushing as if I would crumble and succumb to his tactics.  Uh, no.  Oh wait, perhaps that was not clear enough – HELL NO.

Smart people know better than to pull a tiger’s tail.  When you pull a tiger’s tail you beg for a hostile response.  Cheyenne says I am not a tiger, I am a kitten.  She only knows me as her mildly goofy and embarrassing mom.  She has only seen rare glimpses of me in my HELL NO mode.  The older children know that their mom is no kitten.  A tiger may be cute, playful and fun but a tiger has limits.  You shouldn’t pull a tiger’s tail…especially repeatedly with a vengeance…that is just plain dumb.

Tigers aren’t born tigers, they are created. Tigers are byproducts of  their life experiences.  You take a picked-on, shy kid who was afraid of her own shadow and watch how that informs her future as she grows up and becomes a stronger person.  She may not pick fights, indeed she may even try and avoid them if possible, but when confronted with those age old triggers where someone seeks to bully her just because they believe they can her stripes come through loud and clear.

Okay bully you want to tussle with a tiger – bring it on.  I may not win every battle, but you can bet I walk away upright and the person who pulled my tail never does it again.

Yeah, like I said at the outset…I don’t take well to bullying.

Day six hundred and ninety of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Valerie

    Hmmm … Standing at a bar a few years ago, Jim elbowed a guy in the stomach when he pulled on his pony tail. Jim didn’t even turn around, he just picked up his drink and walked away. The guy later apologized. Don’t mess with cute tigers.

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