If Your Body Is Perfect…

The infamous Fifi of LoveFifi.com sent me an email with a subject line that said, “If Your Body Is Perfect, DO NOT OPEN!‏” Hmmmm. If my body is perfect…well, let me think about that Fifi.

Uh…um…gee…yeah…I think…uh…um…I am pretty sure…okay, I know…it’s not “perfect.”  Truth be told, in my mind it never has been “perfect”.   Ah, but you knew that my savvy marketing friend Fifi.  You knew that 99.9% of women would open that email based on their perception of their body’s imperfections.  Body image is a major issue with women (and increasingly, girls as well).

When you open the email as the owner of an imperfect body (I report for the .1% who have perfect bodies and didn’t open it), Fifi says the following:

“Yes! You CAN wear lingerie. These two styles show only your best parts and glide right over the ones that aren’t so perfect.”

Did you read that?  They only show your best parts and glide over the ones that aren’t so perfect.  Ah, yes – clearly she is talking about flannel pajamas – right?  No sir, not an inch of flannel in sight.  In fact not too many inches of anything. 

I don’t usually post photos of Fifi’s wares in my blog, but this time I will for all of you with “imperfect” bodies who have just now learned that you too can wear lingerie – particularly the stuff that glides over your less than perfect parts. 

Well, they are cute – the outfits and the models, but where exactly are their imperfections?  And really…how much gliding is occuring? The pink and yellow outfits seem to offer some minimal coverage in a few areas, but what coverage does the other offer?  It looks like a see-through apron for heaven’s sake (which does creates a whole new meaning for preheat the oven). 😉

I guess when Fifi is talking imperfection it is all relative.  No doubt these models – who I am sure we may attribute some level of perfect body to – are like the rest of us. They likely believe they have imperfections just like the other 99.9% of us. 

I didn’t order either one of these Fifi extravaganzas.  I already have a couple that are the same as the pink and yellow ones (albeit in different colors); and as for the apron…well, even though it might introduce more activity into that room I affectionately refer to as “the place where I keep the microwave” – I don’t think the neighbors would feel comfortable with me lounging around in that.  Indeed, with that on I am pretty sure they could quickly see through to my imperfections whether gliding was occuring or not.

Day six hundred and ninety-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C