Embracing my inner Pollyana…

I scan the daily news online at InForum.  Lately I have noticed that the Casey Anthony trial has been featured on the front page of InForum.  I don’t want to read that stuff.  The fact that such a precious little life was snuffed out by her sociopath of a mother makes me sick.  I don’t want to hear all the gory details of the crime and investigation.  All that reminds me of is the dark reality of evil in society.  No thanks.

The kind of news that I much prefer was delivered by Forum writer Dave Olson in his story yesterday – Fargo shelter seeks home for kitty with ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ | INFORUM | Fargo, ND.

Apollo the cat (Photo credit Dave Olson/The Forum)

Dave’s story was about a cat named Apollo that PAAWS is looking for a forever home for. Apollo has some balance and sight issues, but still has so much to give to a home that understands and is tolerant of his challenges.  It reminded me that there are folks out there who will go the extra mile to help all creatures and that life is meaningful even when it is challenged.

Call me a Pollyanna but I rather dwell in the positive than the negative.  Life is precious and Dave’s article about Apollo illustrates that Apollo has something worthwhile to contribute despite his condition.  I want to believe that these kind of stories appeal to the great majority of readers; and if I am wrong, please don’t tell me.  Just allow me to suffer under my simple-minded delusions that the world wants to lean toward the warm and fuzzy.

Thanks Dave Olson for a special story about Apollo – I’ll be watching for news on Apollo’s new home.  And guess what?  I bet I am not the only one who will be watching.  😉

Day six hundred and ninety-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

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  1. My sentiments exactly. Thank you. I will not, can not read about things like the Anthony case. However, I read about Apollo twice.

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