My Tribe…

I am out in Maryland for the annual FEMA Higher Education Conference.  I look forward to this conference all year long because being here in Emmitsburg with these people (the Hi Ed people) is like being home with my tribe.  These are my people…people who think like me…people who care about the same things as me…people who are passionate about emergency management like me…yes, this is my tribe.

I will have a fabulous time while I am here.  I will discuss, listen, debate, laugh, empathize, lament, share and laugh some more.  I will fill my cup in our short time together because I know it will be too long until I get to see them again.

I belong here and belonging is good.  It is important to understand where you fit in the universe.  I fit here.  There are others like me here.  We are an eclectic group but we are bound my our passion and commitment. 

Which reminds me – a little aside to share with you.  Today I had a volunteer approach me to be my 4th husband.  Isn’t that nice?  My colleague Bill Waugh from Georgia State University suggested that perhaps I should have been asking for volunteers all along – I may have had better results.  Yes, sir…this is my tribe. 😉

Day seven hundred of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. You’re very lucky. Whenever I return from a work meeting, Ricky asks if I had fun and I reply “Are you kidding me? Can you imagine being cooped up for three days with a room full of people exactly like me?? Ughhhh.” “Oh, yeah”, he usually replies. Then sighs and rolls his eyes.

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