Refreshed…I Am.

There is always a tish of melancholy each year after another FEMA Hi Ed Conference has been put to bed because I know I will not likely see these folks again for an entire year.   I wish I could see them more often, but life and budgets don’t allow the hi ed community the luxury of too much travel.

Most of the hi ed folks headed back home Thursday evening or Friday morning.  I remained for a mini-conference of another group and I have to say – it just isn’t the same here without my hi ed peeps.  Soon I will be headed home myself and when I arrive back to my real, everyday life I will once again be consumed in the totality of the exercise and my melancholy for my hi ed friends will fade over the days.  Come March of the next year my enthusiasm for seeing them all again will be on the forefront of my mind and will build until June when I arrive at the campus.

I have to admit though, although I miss all my hi ed pals – I miss my hi ed gal pals the most.  I miss the sisterhood with my eclectic group of friends.  I wish I could package up the lot of them and import them to North Dakota.  That would make my heart happy, but alas they all have rock star lives to live in other places.  Yet seeing them – for however brief – always leaves me refreshed.  They pour back in all the things that have been depleted over the time that I saw them last.  They bring me such joy and I value them all tremendously.

So, I will take these last moments here to remember how much I adore my hi ed community and to note how much I will miss them until next year.  They may be scattered to the wind across the U.S., Canada and other countries, but they are always close in my heart.

Day seven hundred and five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. And I thank you all for helping me get through a potentially rough week, with as much grace as I was able to muster. I promise to be in much better spirits next year. This week has now become the highlight of my year, surpassing only my state Brain Bowl (academic tournament in FL) activities. Already looking forward to next year!

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