My 401-I’m Okay Plan

Everyone contributes something to the universe.  That is what life is about.  It is all about what we put in and hopefully much less about what we take out.  I was thinking the other day about what I have contributed.  I have contributed children who are intelligent, thoughtful and caring individuals who themselves contribute (they are my force multipliers).  I would like to believe I have contributed things to my students – things that they can use some day to say the world, their community, their family or themselves.  I hope that I have contributed to my field with some of the work I have done.

I try and contribute something every day no matter how small to the universe generally and human beings and creatures specifically.  That is my own personal 401- I’m Okay plan.  I believe contributions are necessary for well-being.  In giving to others you feed your own soul and that nourishment is necessary to life.

My favorite contribution I have made over the past couple of years to the universe is right here in my blog.  Here I have tried to give a bit of myself to a virtually unknown populous every day as a testament to the message that life goes on in both the face of major life changes and in the every day ho hum…it goes on.  I am now quickly approaching two years of daily writing on this blog.  Two years of my thoughts, dreams, fears, adventures, failures, successes, laughs, tears, observations, rants – two years of my life.  Over these almost two years I hope you have come to understand that I am fallible, goofy, introspective, caring and perfectly imperfect. 

My blog has been an outlet for me – an outlet wherein I can look inward and question, look outward and query, and look around and laugh.  It has been an opportunity to both give of, and to, myself.  It has allowed me to connect with people about things we care about, laugh about and are intrigued by…it has allowed me to invest in my 401-I’m Okay plan.

I was asked the other day if I would be continuing my blog beyond my next birthday which is quickly approaching.  Interestingly, despite my own questions at the outset regarding whether I would follow through with my promise to self, I cannot conceive letting my blog go.  It has sustained me and it has, after all, become an integral part of my investment strategy. 😉

Day seven hundred and nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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