Representin’ New York…

A lady stopped in her car at the parking lot at the Giant Tiger store yesterday to chat with me.  Noah (Oprah) postulated that it was because she wanted to see who the crazy American driver who almost hit her was.  He believes my driving is at best a public nuisance and at worst a notable threat to the well-being of all those in and around Wakefield.  Talk about being a drama queen Oprah – seriously.

In fact, the lady wanted to chat with me about New York which is the plate on the rental car since we flew into Syracuse and rented a car there.  She shared that she had come within a handful of miles of New York one time, but the folks she was with didn’t want to go there.  She said she was singing “New York, New York” the whole time in her head.  Indeed, she inserted her melodic homage to New York a few times throughout the conversation.  She dreams of the day she gets to visit New York.

I didn’t mind representin’ New York.   I am New York born and still carry around the New York attitude instilled in me by my family members some of which who migrated to other places and others who remained in the state.  Folks often ask me if I am from New York based on my personality and are sometimes surprised to hear that I picked up most of my flavor from California.  They tell me I am more New York than California…some days that may very well be true… yesterday was clearly a New York day.

Albeit, it certainly doesn’t matter much what state one is from in this area to most folks.  The label U.S. citizen (particularly a U.S. citizen traveling with Oprah) carries much allure.  Apparently Canadians, even French Canadians, are interested in Americans – even if it is an interest that is akin to watching a car wreck – which Oprah would say I am a hop, skip, and a jumped curb away from.

Perhaps someone should let the U.S. Government know that I am out here representin’ the country…they may want to either immediately engage in mitigatory activities or assemble a response team to deal with whatever international fall-out may occur as a result of my actions.  Or maybe…just maybe…my charming Gayle personality will win over the French Canadians and they’ll adopt me as one of their own…then we’ll all be singing New York, New York! 😉 

Day seven hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C