A Bright And Shiny Fierce Girl In The Making…Jessica Lynn Holly.

Today I met a special young lady – Jessica Lynn Holly.  Jessica is the daughter of Davis and Laura, Noah’s friends in Ottawa.  I had an opportunity to get to know Jessica while we visited Davis and Laura today.   Jessica is quite the social butterfly (or papillon in French as Jessica taught me).

I should have known as soon as I heard her name that she was going to be a force to be reckoned with – every Jessica I know is like that.  Jessica informed me that she has friends named Jessica, Lynn and Holly – but she is the only one that has all three names.  And so it is, Jessica Lynn Holly, officially all that and a bag of chips.

Jessica is eight, but introspective beyond her years.  She thinks deeply and shares her thoughts easily.  She has grave responsibilities for a young lady of her age – namely twin baby dolls – Cooper and Sara.  I must say, they are lovely children.  Jessica has musical leanings, she favors her keyboard and dabbles in guitar.  She thinks singing is okay if she must do it, but she doesn’t really seek it out.  She also has the soul of an artist as evidenced by her own artwork and an appreciation for Andy Warhol-esque art.

During our extended chat Jessica told me about some struggles she was having with one of her “friends” – which in my mind is functioning more like a frenemy than a friend.  This young lady has been downright mean to Jessica and even called her the “b word” (don’t ask me what the “b word” is as nice young ladies like Jessica don’t say such things and I didn’t feel it prudent to ask for elaboration).  Jessica still tolerated her because she doesn’t have too many friends at school, but from our conversation it was clear that she knows that this friendship is a bit toxic.  Jessica shared quite articulately many instances wherein this girl has diminished her and hurt her feelings.  This girl – like Jessica – is eight.  What a pity that a young girl at the tender age of eight can be so mean-spirited.  Jessica knows that she deserves better friends and has pretty much resolved to tell this girl exactly how her behavior makes her (Jessica) feel.  She did the same thing before when another friend hurt her feelings and sharing how her friend’s behavior hurt her feelings resulted in the friendship being healthier and stronger.  And yes, you read right, Jessica is eight (and obviously wise beyond her years).

I like Jessica Lynn Holly.  She is a bright and shiny fierce girl in the making and she is one of my new favorite people.  We should all be as brave as Jessica is and tell folks when they do things that hurt our feelings or make us unhappy.

I took this photo of Jessica with my poor quality camera on my phone, but even given the graininess of the photo I think you can see what a beautiful and powerful young lady she is.  I can tell you to a moral certainty that the next time I have to have a difficult conversation with someone I will remember Jessica’s brave little spirit and sunshine-filled smile.   She is the newest member of my fierce girl family.

You rock Jessica Lynn Holly and don’t you ever forget it!  Please give the twins a kiss for me! 😉

Day seven hundred and eighteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C