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I hereby proclaim by the power vested in me as a human being, blogger and citizen of the universe that July 3rd shall heretofore be known as International Blog Reader Appreciation Day.

You may ask as a blog reader why I selected July 3rd as opposed to one of the other 364 days of the year to formally appreciate you.  Actually, the options are less than 364 by the time you take out major holidays, Black Friday, my kids’ birthdays, etc.  out of play; but, all that aside, I selected July 3rd for very specific reasons.

I selected July 3rd for three reasons actually – which I will acknowledge at the outset are very Carol centric, but when one invents a new holiday one really does get to make all the rules as long as the Geneva Convention is not violated.

So, on to the three reasons:

1)  I wanted the date to be close to July 4th – which has a special significance to Americans (of which I am one) – but also close to Canada Day (July 1) in honor of my Canadian comrades;

2) I didn’t want it to be July 5th because that is my birthday and if I ever do anything super-duper amazing in my life that day might become a national holiday thereby extending the 4th of July holiday an extra day – wouldn’t want to potentially trifle with that (also, recognizing the reality that I will likely never do anything that is super-duper amazing that warrants a national holiday in my memory – I likewise acknowledge that many people are sunburned, hung-over and quite lazy on July 5th having celebrated a tad too much on July 4th); and,

3) I wanted the day to be the day before we celebrate independence in America because America is known as a place where shared ideals and open dialogues built a strong nation; and, the interaction between bloggers and blog readers is an extension of the principles we hold dear and celebrate on July 4th.

Now, I am not here to tell you that every blog ever written symbolizes a critical dialogue in the principles of freedom or societal evolution (especially not here on The New Forty).  What blogs represent though is the ability to share, discuss and examine ideas by, and with, the average person.  It is a free market exchange from which our world increasingly culls value.  In a blog the writer can reach anywhere the internet can go – which these days is the vast majority of our planet.

But blogs would not be anything more than unread ramblings of individuals absent the blog readers who read, challenge, applaud, object and create new dialogues between themselves and the blogger.  Sometimes the readers push bloggers to do or be more – to rise to the occasion of an issue – which overall improves the quality of the blogshpere.  The power of blogs ultimately is so much more about the readers than the bloggers – hence the need for this holiday.

Seeing as I have just proclaimed this holiday, the electronic card companies have yet to create specific greeting cards.  Inasmuch, I have taken the liberty of creating my own card for the beloved readers of The New Forty below.

Dear Readers of The New Forty,

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts, questions and concerns with me.  I am humbled by your support of this blog and your contribution to the discussion that makes The New Forty blog what it is.  You are the sunshine in my garden of eclectic thoughts,  the rich earth that feeds my soul and the rain that washes over me and refreshes me…you are the ones that breathe life into this blog.

Thank you for all you do and on this first International Blog Reader Appreciation Day please celebrate the power of you – the reader – to change the world.

xo Carol

Day seven hundred and twenty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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