Speaking In Tongues…

If you have been noting the unusual characters and figures that are scattered across my blog entries over the past few days and have concluded that I am speaking in tongues and an exorcism is required – hold the holy water.  There seems to be a glitch across the system that has inserted random characters and figures across my blog entries.  The friendly Area Voices support team assures me that they are working on this.

I wanted to share this information with you so that you didn’t come to the wrong conclusion – such as the immediate need for the Catholic Church’s intervention.  The last  thing I need is to have a team of priests dispatched to exorcise the demon within me.  Can you imagine that scene?  Them going through the rituals  – praying, sprinkling holy water and ordering the demon to leave my body…and me telling them all about my thoughts, opinions and misadventures (one must be conversational with company right?).  Oh yes, they would be here for weeks…they’d have to send in a replacement team when the original team grew weary…they’d eventually send a team from the Vatican to document the extent of the demon possession…next thing you know my photo would be on the front page of The Enquirer

Thank goodness, none of the above is necessary – well, at least in regard to the unusual characters and figures in my blog.  As for expunging any demons – heck, I have a blog – I do self-service exorcisms daily with my own holy elixir – coffee. 😉

Day seven hundred and forty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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