Warriors…they Always Rise.

This blog is for the warriors that surround me in my life – those who fight not only their own battles but also the battles of others.  Warriors who operate in a base of integrity, but too often find themselves having to deal with others who live their lives from a place of fear.

Warriors are frequently called into battle to fight the good fight – the fight that is required by the integrity that grounds them.  These battles are often long, arduous and exhausting and they deplete the energy in a warrior’s soul, but warriors, they always rise another day to fight another battle.  They do this because they know no other way to live or be – they do this because being a warrior is who they are.

Someone once noted in regard to warriors that they must take care that their spirits are not broken.  It is the spirit of the warriors that surround me that I look to replenish today in acknowledging that I know the battles too often seem endless and the progress too often seems far too small for the energy expended; but, every battle matters and every scar you incur as a result of these battles is a tribute to your commitment to integrity. You are not alone in the frustration you sometimes face, nor are you alone in your fight.  We are all bound together in a place where trueness of heart, clarity of purpose and strength of conviction are the foundation for a life well-lived.

So carry-on my warrior friends even on the days when you wonder where you will find the strength to engage in yet again another battle, even on the days when you feel that your efforts are for naught…because warriors, they always rise.

Day seven hundred and forty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. PrairieWoman

    Fhírinne i ár gcroí. Neart inár lámha. Comhsheasmhacht inár dteangacha.

    Truth in our hearts. Strength in our hands. Consistency in our tongues.

  2. Stan

    “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” Winston Churchill.

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