Sleeping Beauty…

I am feeling pretty good this morning having had the best night sleep I have had in two weeks.  Between travel, late night thunderstorms (which reduce the big orange dog – Cooper – to a barking, whimpering mess), late nights with my Jersey boy and my neighbors’ month-long fireworks celebration – sleep has not been easy to come by.  But finally, here in Brandon at The Royal Oak Inn & Suites I got in a restful eight hours. 

I recognize that there is a shade of pitiful entering into the descriptors of my life when my topic of the day is a good night’s sleep.  It makes one wonder what is next – could bunions, achy joints, or other even less attractive topics be next?  I recognize the slippery slope on which I stand this day.  But a good night’s sleep, when you have been without one for a couple of weeks, begins to have the allure of water in the hot, dry desert.

Now, I will confess that if the only outgrowth of a lack of sleep was that I was a bit slower and loopy I wouldn’t be as concerned with missing some winks here and there.  Alas, a lack of sleep shows up quite tellingly in one’s face.  The phrase, “I need to get my beauty sleep” is not just a cute little saying it is a truism…and you heard it here first – I need to get my beauty sleep.

I don’t spend time and money on all my facial lotions and potions only to have my efforts dashed by the freebie face-freshner that I overlooked.  Sleep is essential to one’s beauty regimen and the role it plays in keeping one looking good cannot be diminished.  Aside from all the great things your body accomplishes while you are sleeping, a good night’s sleep (or lack thereof) shows on your face by either helping you look youthful and refreshed or by leaving you looking tired and old…I’ll take the youthful and refreshed – thank you very much.

I have always viewed a good night’s sleep as one of the best mechanisms for feeling and looking younger (although a wonderful romp with a fabulous man does make one feel younger and can put a definite glow in one’s cheeks…but I digress and am drifting toward the gutter so let me redirect my thoughts to the topic at hand).  Sleep is essential to looking and feeling good; and,  on most counts it is free and relatively easy to acquire.

So my advice to all of you out there is embrace your good night’s sleep for all the benefits it gives you and if you get to dream beautiful dreams about a fabulous man (or woman) who makes you feel younger and puts a glow in your cheeks during the process – well, those are some high quality zzzzzzzzzs worth revisiting every night. 😉

Day seven hundred and fifty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara Wang

    .…drifting toward the gutter….
    It’s going to be one of those days of getting worrisome looks from the teen g’kids—when I fall into giggles for no apparent reason. Well, kids, it’s like my turn to be a puzzle!

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