Do you remember the government’s Just Say No! campaign regarding peer pressure and alcohol/drug use?  The idea of the campaign was to tell kids it was okay, even cool in-and-of-itself, to say no to those who put pressure on you to join in on these risky behaviors.  You don’t hear much about that campaign anymore.  It seems to have faded into the woodwork over time, but I have a second life for it – a mission that is arguably equal in importance to the campaign’s past life. 

 I would suggest that the campaign be revived to address fashion trends that are revived by misdirected designers and supported by a weak, ill-informed public.   I believe the campaign would have an enduring presence in this arena as there is always a fashion designer somewhere who feels the need to revisit sins of the past – as if adding a few ruffles or a different sleeve design will redeem it from fashion purgatory.  Of course, these designers tend to wait a fashion generation (which is typically a 7-10 year span) to revisit these items with a new flair and by then memories of the sins of the past have been washed over (albeit, they are still likely captured in photographic evidence that are shoved deep down in a photo box somewhere).

I have addressed this topic before.  The items in fashion purgatory are many in my estimation – with some being more egregious sins than others.  I find that I must be ever vigilant in my efforts though as no sooner do I sound the alarm on one item than another rears its ugly head.  Today I sound the alarm for something that has not made a reappearance for awhile – something that may seem on the surface to folks to be a good idea – jumpsuits.

I received an email from Newport News yesterday promoting the jumpsuit shown below.  The fashion alarm in my head immediately went off.

I have committed this sin before – a couple of times.  It is that recognition that allows me to to feel comfortable counseling you against committing a like sin.  I understand that it may look cute on the model.  I understand that it make look easy and sexy and slimming.  I understand that it looks comfy.  I understand the allure of this sin – I do. 

But beware my friends…there are issues here.  And lest you believe that the only issue is that the jumpsuit in this photo is a cargo jumpsuit (see those lovely bulky pockets at upper thigh level – seriously, when is that ever a flattering feature?) – let me slap you ala Cher in Moonstruck and say, “SNAP OUT OF IT!” 

Are you a pilot? Are you parachuting from a plane? Are you an auto mechanic? Are you a race car driver? Are you a prison inmate?  Are you at least 5’10” tall with a model’s body?  If you are none of the above then I might suggest you need to Just Say No! to jumpsuits. 

My most vivid jumpsuit memory dates all the way back to high school.  I actually worked at a gas station back in the day of full serve.  I had a form-fitting  jean jumpsuit that had a zipper down the front that I had embroidered cute flowers all over (which of course only made it that much more of an eyesore).  I wore it as my primary work outfit.  It was very popular amongst the customers.  My station saw a lot of business, albeit I suspect for all the wrong reasons.  As I reflect back now (now that I know what a poor choice that was), I recognize that there was no one around me to counsel me against such a poor decision.  5 feet 2 1/2 inches of curvy in a jean jumpsuit with a zipper down the front – what can I say but forgive me father for I knew not what I was doing?!

I should have known this was coming when rompers re-appeared on the scene.  Sins come in bundles it seems.  Perhaps rompers are the gateway fashion drug for jumpsuits…I can definitely see it…start with the ease, comfort and seeming innocence of the romper and next thing you know you have a closet full of jumpsuits in varying colors and designs – it is vile the way it sucks you in.

So today I sound the alarm by revitalizing the Just Say No! campaign.  Just because others around you may succumb to this fashion sin – you do not have to.  Remember, you are strong and you understand that jumpsuits are not in your best fashion interest.  You are not alone.  There are others like you and me who will stand up and just say “No!”  Well, actually in my case, I am standing up and screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” – but you get the point – I stand in support your sound fashion choices. 😉

Day seven hundred and fifty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Thank you Ms C for sounding the alarm! The jumpsuit has got to be one of the most difficult to wear and least flattering fashion trends since the hoop skirt with a giant butt bow.

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