For The Boys…

I never cease to be amazed when I hear about some of the places people reading my blog are.  I often forget that the reach of the internet is essentially everywhere. That access is magnified by the notion of  six degrees of Kevin Bacon (which essentially speaks to how small the world is when we start examining connectivity between friends and friends of friends and is at the core of why Facebook is so successful). 

So, as I write about one thing or person and that gets passed around amongst friends or networks my blog reach tends to extend far beyond our little neighborhood.  It is amazing to hear from folks all over the world who have either happened upon or continued to follow my blog as they travel about.  Every single time I am reminded of the reach it can have I am both humbled and a tad horrified.  Humbled by the reach a single voice can have and somewhat horrified to learn that my sometimes irreverent ramblings can be heard around the world.

Today I specifically write for the boys in the barracks at Fort Bragg which my son Noah tells me read my blog (of course, Noah tells me that with a level of horror that his mother’s reach to embarrass him extends a tad too far).  As for me though, I am immensely flattered and I know I have Nate Suchla to thank for that.  Nate is stationed at Fort Bragg and is the brother of Lindsey and Lindsey and Nate are friends of Noah (there really are only six degrees – we are all connected Kevin Bacon style across this planet, and often only a few degrees apart in the United States).

As regular readers are aware, I am a big fan of our men and women in the military and I am immensely honored any time I can offer support for those who have committed themselves to the safety and security of this country.  I am particularly happy when I can support the boys in the barracks – it reminds of that old Bette Midler movie For the Boys.  In that movie, Bette was a performer in USO tours who got all the boys riled up with her sass and promiscuity.  If only I had any singing or dancing skills I would be all over that; alas, all I have is my blog.

So, to support the boys in the barracks at Fort Bragg who read my blog I partner today with my favorite lingerie promoting friend Fifi of who has designed an outfit specifically in support of the troops.  I recognize the sensitivities of readers not interested in camouflage lingerie (I wonder though, is camouflage lingerie an oxymoron??); as such, I only provide the boys in the barracks with the link and for Noah’s sake I won’t offer to do a Bette Midler and model it myself.  But know that I sure do appreciate the support of you boys in the barracks at Fort Bragg and I am sending the love right back at ya’. 😉

Day seven hundred and fifty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. ND Soldier Mom

    Hey…thanks for the shout out to our soldiers at Fort Bragg. Got a text from Nate and it made his day!!

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