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Well, the semi-reticent camper has returned from her first International Music Camp (IMC) experience with a glowing review.  Already she has decided that she wants to return next year (quite a big change for the girl who hesitated getting out of the car a week ago Sunday). She has been talking almost non-stop about camp since she was picked up on Saturday and her camp certificate and group photo have already been framed and given their due reverence.

If you are unfamiliar with IMC I encourage you to visit their website and learn more.  I knew nothing about it prior to this year, but apparently I arrived late to the party as IMC is on its 56th year of operations.  56 years of campers investing a week or more in music – how cool is that?

At this juncture, I am confident in calling Cheyenne’s first music camp experience a complete success.  Such a success, that Cheyenne did something that she has never done – she asked me to write about how much she enjoyed music camp in my blog.  Wow – that is some transformation!  This is the girl who while always actively providing fodder for my blog has never really acknowledged any utility in it as it accrues to her (indeed, she has often rolled her eyes at the mere mention of my blog).  But leave it to IMC to excite her so that she wants to shout it to the world, even if it is on the shoulders of her decidely geeky mom who just happens to have what she now deems a suitable platform – go figure, me and my blog do have a purpose in life. 😉

These photos are of Cheyenne and her day one group of friends.  I took these before I was summarily dispatched after check-in. Apparently, it was destined to be a great week from the get-go.  Here is what Cheyenne asked me to share (all the words and emphasis are her entirely her own – to include all the exclamation points): 

Music camp is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a really good experience for everyone involved and the faculty is very nice.  All young musicians should visit IMC and experience its awesomeness!  I met people from all over the world and made new friends.  I am very excited to go back to IMC next year and learn more about music and see my new friends.  Thank you IMC for a great week that I will never forget!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Yes indeed, IMC sure made an impression on my 12 year old.  I can’t remember when she last was this excited about anything.  Of course I knew from the moment I stepped foot in the camp that the whole experience would end on an up note – it was so clear at the outset how special a place it was.  I just didn’t realize how much of an imprint it would have – I mean really, “awesomeness”??? 

I do know this for sure though, sitting at the performances on Saturday and hearing the culmination of the week’s practices in beautiful pieces that I am sure brought tears of pride and joy to many a parent’s eye, I felt the same feeling that I had at Cheyenne’s West Fargo School District performances a deep level of appreciation for the beauty of music and the emotions it can evoke.  I was so impressed with the amount of work the camp accomplished with the kids and with the quality level of the performances (which are all free to attend by the way – you may want to plan a trip to the Peace Gardens next year to coincide with a performance day so you can catch them and likewise be amazed at the performace level they are able to cull from these kids).

Thank you IMC for what you have given Cheyenne and for the beauty that you put into the world by supporting these kids interests in the arts (note that IMC is much broader than just music in that it supports other areas of fine arts as well).  You have made a lifetime fans in me and Cheyenne; and, although Cheyenne has made it very clear that she does not want her crazy, outspoken mom volunteering any time soon at IMC, she has acknowledged that I was right about how fabulous music camp would be – I’ll happily take that as my consolation prize.

To the dedicated crew who keep the IMC tradition alive I say – until IMC 2012, keep a melody in your hearts and a smile on your face…we’ll see you again in 11 months and three weeks for another week of awesomeness! 😉

Day seven hundred and fifty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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