Who Needs A Smart Phone When You Have A Psychic One?

I am struggling with a transition.  For a couple of years now I have had a flip phone with a touch screen that is in a word – cute.  Well, perhaps I should say aesthetically pleasing as “cute” should perhaps be reserved as a descriptor for chubby-cheeked babies and puppies.  My aesthetically pleasing phone, even with its front touch screen features, is fairly mundane in relation to most every one else’s phone in the universe.  Nearly all my colleagues have smart phones and those who still have the basic phones at least have fairly high-tech basic phones.  Not me – I have been content with my simple phone with the flower and pink keyboard. 

My phone is called the Nokia Intrigue.  It has this neat habitat feature that assigns nature and creature symbols to callers who you have not inserted a photo for in your phone memory.  The symbols are typically birds, bats, plants and different types of insects (butterflies, ladybugs, bees, beetles, wasps and the occasional praying mantis).  I must confess, I often get a kick out of the creatures assigned to specific people (indeed, the folks who come up as the more creepy insects, as opposed to butterflies or bats or birds, seem to actually fit their image – some days I do actually believe my phone is psychic).  When you combine the aesthetically pleasing components of the phone with the touch screen which allows me to see missed calls and messages without opening the phone, you have essentially the perfect phone for someone like me – intuitive technology within some basic limits.

Alas, cell phones are not made to last forever and after thousands of hours of conversation and about twice as many openings and closings of my phone it is starting to show its age.  The pretty shiny case is scratched up, the hinge seems like it has arthritis and the technology is becoming dated.  A number of months ago it occurred to me that I would have to resign myself to the fact that I would have to get a new phone.  So of course, being the harbinger of change that I am – I went immediately to the Nokia site to see if I could find the newest version of the Intrigue (in pink, of course).  Much to my dismay, it appears that Nokia no longer has an online sales presence and even amongst the phones that are still out there there are no pink Intrigues to be found.  Oh bother, what to do now?

I have since been trolling the Verizon page and other cell phone manufacturers webpages trying to find a new phone that I can be excited about – a phone that would allow me to embrace the transition from my Intrigue to newer technology.  So far, I have not found the right blend of aesthetically pleasing and skill-appropriate technology to meet my needs.  I thought I had arrived at a solution a couple months back when I saw my friend Lisa’s Blackberry Flip in burgundy…I thought I could settle into that phone (even though it is a smart phone and my skills being so decidely limited – I was willing to give it a shot).  Of course, that turned out to not be a Verizon-friendly phone (apparently some phones are carrier specific – who knew?).  No worries…I rationalized that disappointment as being acceptable seeing has it had no habitat function anyway – how smart could it have really been…remember, the Intrigue borders on psychic so who needs “smart”?

Cheyenne wants be to get a non-flip phone that is aesthetically pleasing and has better texting capabilities; but, I am wary of non-flips with all the stories I have heard, and experiences that I have been subjected to, regarding inadvertent dialing.  You likely have experienced this – also known attractively as “butt dialing” – someone dials your number without knowing and they are doing whatever they are doing while you are saying, “Hello??” and wondering what the heck is going on (sometimes this can be pretty darn awkward – you can just imagine how many ways this can go wrong).  I am not excited about the possibility of doing that – I think with the junk in my trunk any butt dialing would be a conference call  and I simply can’t have that. 😉

Still every few weeks I take a look at my beloved Intrigue and realize that it is not long for this world and I make a point of spending a half hour looking at possible replacements…and finding nothing, every few weeks I resign myself to waiting a few more weeks before I am forced to select an option that does not at all excite me.  After all, my scratched up, arthritic cell phone is still hangin’ in there and it is still doing the trick…and to me, it is still aesthetically pleasing and my habitat is still the one I know, love and trust.  So me and my Intrigue hobble along and no doubt as we do so we serve as evidence of the land time has forgotten – dinosaurs in our own right that are oblivious to their impending extinction.  That is okay though, because I have come to love the habitat in which I operate and sometimes new and different isn’t always better…sometimes new and different are just new and different. 

For now, I am sticking with what has been working for me and I will continue to resist a transition that doesn’t really fit me.  When the Blackberry Flip comes to Verizon and offers the habitat format, give me a ring…yeah, let’s hope you don’t come up as the praying mantis…that wouldn’t be a good omen.

Day seven hundred and fifty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Gail

    As a receptionist of a company with more than a few salesmen, I can attest to the annoyance of butt dials. Whenever I see them on their phones, I check to see who has the flip and who has the open-face phone.

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