Next Time, Do The Community A Service And Get A Room.

Sex has an amazing appeal – well, it is after all – sex.  Not too many people are down on sex.  You never hear folks saying, “Ewww…sex…no way, not my cup of tea.”  Or at least I never hear folks say that.

Of course when it comes to the actual act of sex we tend to be a little tighter-lipped (at least in most cases – there is always some drunken frat boy somewhere regailing about his first time with Jenny, Bambi or Samantha).  I believe this is a good thing in most cases – people are all different and the act of sex is (should be – I would say) somewhat intimate.  And by intimate, I mean between two people and in a place where they can be as freaky as they want without apology or breaking the law.

Alas, sex doesn’t always happen like that.  Sometimes urges get the better of folks and sometimes sex happens where it happens – in isolated parks, in public buildings, in the backseats of cars and yes, even in the bushes behind Gordmans.  It happens.  Urges take over and the next thing you know you are doing the wild thing in some place where it not only is not entirely private, but where it also is a criminal offense.  Nothing quite deflates the libido like having a cop interrupt your sexual hijinks (unless it is one of those stripping, dancing cops – but that is a whole different discussion).  

Such was the case for two folks who were caught having sex in the bushes behind Gordmans in Grand Forks.  To their credit, they pled guilty to doing the deed (not sure how they would have sold any other interpretaion of their act to the court anyway) and the court graciously ordered them to do community service of 40+ hours each (they could have gotten up to a year in jail).  I had to giggle a bit at that sentence as community service often requires folks to pick up trash and such on roadsides and I can just imagine the potential fall-out of the two doing dual community service around the shrubs of local highways.  Perhaps the judge should have just admonished them to do the community a service in the future a get a room.

I surmise the two of them have learned their lesson…and the rest of us, in varying shades of innocence or guilt can look at their situation and be thankful that none of our overly amourous adventures in less than intimate settings were brought to light in this way. 

I do have one question though – for the couple, the cop or those who were in court to hear the details – exactly what kind of shrub is sex-friendly?  Not that I am looking to do new plantings in my yard or anything, but one does wonder how the shrub plays into the effect.  And no, I am not going to meander down the road of my musings on this topic (as much as I would love to intellectually dissect it…) – I will wait for those “in the know” to clue me in. 😉

Day seven hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. Kevin

    well Carol be careful what you say, ya know “jersey boys” mom may happen to read this thinking you are talking about yourself…….just saying………………

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