Ready To Rumble!

It is amazing what a solid night’s sleep can do for you.  I slept 10 uninterrupted hours last night – 10 uninterrupted hours – how heavenly is that??!!  Then I awoke to the lovely sound of my neice Rita’s cooing and chattering…sleep and a joyous awakening – that is exactly what the Dr. ordered (and by Dr. I mean this Dr., who while only a Ph.D. will happily play the role of her own medical doctor when it comes to prescribing necessary steps to reclaim my sensibilities).  Visits to my brother’s home are always restful in a way that recharges my batteries, but with a nine month old baby in the house they move to a whole different level – there is nothing like a baby to clarify the priorities of life and to make the nonsense of daily life drama fall away.

So I am rested and ready to rumble – a fairly dangerous combination for a girl like me in a state like this.  Today I am having lunch with my dear friend Tammy who recently moved to San Diego.  Tam and I met many moons ago when we were in the same grad school cohort at NDSU and have been friends since.  Together we get into the type of mischief that is legendary – but not like North Dakota legendary – like The Hangover legendary.  Hence the need to have the bail bondsman on speed dial – the historical data informs my current prepatory measures.

I would like to believe that over the years we have learned from our assorted misadventures to behave…to conduct ourselves in a way that comports with our age, learned sensibilities, professional identities and expected stature…but somehow it never plays out like that when we are together.  There is always some level of ruckus – even if it is just what we would frame as innocent interaction with the male waiters – we can never enter and exit a location without leaving an indelible memory of our visit.  Together we are, as our nicknames for each other portray, a source of unlimited mischief. 

As for our nicknames for each other – well they are appropriately Lucy and Ethel of course.   And so you know, in this pairing I am the Ethel – the more rational and level-headed of the two – seriously, alert authorities. 😉

Day seven hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

2 Responses

  1. Tam

    As always, the time was too short and the conversation was amazing. I miss our daily interactions, but always know that I am with you in spirit…especially when you are causing trouble 🙂 I am only a phone call away or a plane ride (if that bail bondsman doesn’t answer). You are such an amazing woman and I treasure each moment that I get to spend with you. Thank your brother for sharing his time with you with me. Love to you always,

  2. Barbara Wang

    I was cruising down the page of this post, with my socks melting at the good night’s sleep/baby part. And then one paragraph later I’m into the bail bondsman on speed dial part, where I think that the Gayle of Gayle-and-Oprah fame has become half of Thelma and Louise. What a relief to find Lucy and Ethel at the end!
    Have you considered having a good (but quirky) therapist on speed dial?
    Just sayin’ .

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