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I think years of watching Jeopardy has increased my ability to craft solutions.  Not because I have learned tons of trivia from the show, but because I have learned to come up with the question from hearing the answer.  I think like that now – the answer prompts the question.

So today as I head back home I offer up my version of the OC Jeopardy final jeopardy question.  Play along and see if you can get the correct answer (a.k.a. question).  Wager as much as you like, but in OC Jeopardy if you lose you need to send the amount you wagered to me care of Area Voices.  And if you win – well enjoy your victory and wait for the check in the mail. 😉

The answer is: The Beautiful People

Insert your own perfectly timed Jeopardy music here………………………………time’s up.

The question:

What do you call people whose good hearts show by virtue of the fact that they spend an inordinate amount of time arranging and rearranging their schedules to ensure that you have a lovely peaceful visit with them?






Narin, Jeff and Baby Rita

Yes, indeed…the beautiful people are my brother and sister-in-law who always put my relaxation and enjoyment as the number one priority when I come to visit them in California.  It’s no wonder that I always look forward to my next visit.  Of course, as you can see above they are beautiful both inside and out.  Another great family visit in OC, California…yes, indeed – however you frame the question or the answer –  I am a winner! 😉

Day seven hundred and sixty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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I teach at NDSU...but I remain a student of life with all the enthusiasm that entails. My favorite saying is, "Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down." In the new forty that is what I am doing...building my wings.
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  1. Barbara Wang says:

    Beautiful family! I hope you get to visit them often–babies are pure magic!

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